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We have recently seen a shocking rise in “anti-Semitism,” manifesting itself in everything from attacks by Negro not-sees, limited access to the freezer at an expensive resort or even the gentiles (that’s a Jewish slur for you and everyone you love) grumbling a little at the negative effects caused by allowing complete kosher control of all our institutions.

Yes, this is a terrible virus, spread by direct contact with typical Jewish behavior. Today’s story may be the worst example of this mad cattle disease I’ve ever seen, featuring selections, deportations and showers.

An Orthodox Jewish couple who was removed from an American Airlines flight over body odor is now suing the airline for discrimination.

You goyim should be glad to sit next to a chosenite who smells like horse pies on a summer day. This reeking rodent was chosen by moloch and is better than you in every way. Its foul odor is just another gift from a creature of pure goodness, right up there with communism, pornography, open borders, feminism, abortion, sodomy…

Yehuda Yosef Adler and Jennie Adler were flying on an American Airlines flight with their 19-month-old daughter on Jan. 23, 2019 when the alleged incident occurred.

Persecuted without cause by the evil shkotzim. This is truly the Light of the World.

As soon as they boarded the flight, the couple claims the pilot was “nasty and humiliating” when Yehuda asked for headphones.

Denied headphones by the cruel “nazi” pilot, the greatest crime in human history. We must never forget. We need a lot more “They rule over us, so they’re allowed to smell like an open privy after a heavy rain” education in all our publik schmuels. Evil triumphed because good men wouldn’t stand up for Yehuda’s electric head belts.

“When we entered this plane I asked the stewardess for headphone[s],” Yehuda said in the lawsuit, claiming that on a previous flight an American Airline employee told them to ask if they needed anything, “including headphones.”

We were promised low humidity and large headphone portions, but Hitler Airlines turned out to just be a fake airplane that was actually a homicidal death chamber for our precious pungent people.

The pilot allegedly was standing there at the time Yehuda asked and said, “I wasn’t on that plane and we don’t offer anything complimentary.” The Adlers considered the response to be “so nasty and humiliating,” though they reportedly ignored it and went to their seats.

If you want to anger the Jew, pull the rug out on the “bargain of a lifetime.” We were supposed to get lots of free stuff from the slaves promised by the Talmud, but the Luftwaffe shut it down.

Soon afterward, the Adlers claim they were approached by a flight attendant who told the family there “was an emergency” and that they had to deplane. Once off the flight, the flight attendant allegedly told the family the pilot requested the family be removed from the flight because of body odor.

109 countries and one airplane.

According to the couple, the agent made “disparaging and derogatory statements telling the Adlers that he knew that Orthodox Jews take baths once a week.”

Whether you need it or not, right shlomo? When they say “unclean meat” it’s what their fellow tribesman Sigmund Fraud would call “projection.” No wonder the shower room became the ultimate horror in the fourth or fifth revised version of the holohoax.

The Adlers, who said they showered that morning, were left “distraught and embarrassed” and approached people in the terminal to ask if they detected a smell — more than 20 people asked said no, according to the lawsuit.

Imagine going to an airport, waiting for hours, having to choose between wading through clouds of radiation or being molested by Negro sodomites because of our country’s slavish devotion to Israel and then, to top it off, Jew scumbags laying the groundwork for a muh shekels lawsuit run up on you and want to know if they actually stink. Yeah, you smell like a demon’s flatulence, just go away you damn yid.

Furthermore, the Adlers claim they requested their luggage be removed from the flight, but the plane took off with their bags, child’s car seat, stroller and diapers, among other effects.

All my personal effects, up a chimney. That lamp used to be grandma. Mocked and tormented by the cattle. The greatest crime of our times.

The Adlers are now suing the airliner claiming religious discrimination. They are seeking punitive damages for civil rights violations, negligence, infliction of emotional distress and defamation.

Time to cash in, just like after the holohoax. Our obnoxious presence is a gift from our desert idol.

The airline has refuted the claims, stating that passengers and crew members had made complaints about the odor.

The banality of evil. Man’s inhumanity toward special, better than you but doesn’t want to wash, man. The airline was just following orders.

“The Adler family was asked to deplane after multiple passengers and our crew members complained about Mr. Adler’s body odor. The decision was made out of concern for the comfort of our other passengers. Our team members took care of the family and provided hotel accommodations and meals and rebooked them on a flight to Detroit the next morning. None of the decisions made by our team in handling this sensitive situation were based on the Adlers’ religion,” a statement from American Airlines to Fox News read.

Time for some weasel-talk damage control after your wicked “anti-Semitism.” It’s obvious you just hate my “religion” and my disgusting rat odor had nothing to do with what happened. We had to get to Detroit Rot City to oversee the final destruction of that urban hell, but were cruelly inconvenienced by the fascists. Now give me geld.

Editor’s Note: We would like to get in touch with the writer behind Modern Heretic so we can continue to see his humorous essays; in recent months Blogspot has terminated his site.

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