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Professor Robert Rowthorn, a Professor of Economics at Cambridge University in England and self-professed marxist, has admitted that mass immigration damages the UK, and all contributions to the economy they make are “unlikely to be very large“. 

Rowthorn, who conducted a report for think-tank Civitas, found that there may be no economic benefits gained from immigration at all. The effects of mass immigration “are mostly negative for the existing population of the UK and their descendants” he said.

“Unrestrained population growth would eventually have a negative impact on the standard of living through its environmental effects such as overcrowding, congestion and loss of amenity.”

“Such losses would ultimately outweigh the small gain in average wages apparently resulting from mass immigration.”

“If many of the immigrants fail to get jobs, or if they end up in low skill jobs or displace native workers, large-scale immigration will have a negative impact on GDP per capita and on government finances,”

“The impact could be positive or negative but either way it is unlikely to be very large. The only thing that is certain is that immigration on the present scale, if it continues, will lead to much faster population growth and a much larger total GDP than would otherwise be the case, with consequent pressure on infrastructure and the environment.”

“Unskilled workers have suffered some reduction in their wages due to competition from immigrants,”

“Even on optimistic assumptions, the economic and fiscal gains for existing inhabitants and their descendants from large-scale immigration are small in comparison to its impact on population growth”

If all these immigrants are so great, why is it that all White countries ‘need’ to have them, and why is it that non-White third-world countries are not trying to hold onto their population?

Immigration was never about the economy. It was partially about votes, and partially about “diversity” (but only in White countries).

White countries are called upon by those in power to have unrestricted non-White migration.

When there are a sufficient amount of non-White people in a White country, anti-Whites start talking about how non-White areas are “diverse”, “vibrant”, and “exciting”, and how White areas are “boring”.

This usually leads to forced “diversity”, which means that no area can legally be “too White”.

When these conditions are forced on White countries, it proves that turning White people into a minority is the intent of those in power. This is White genocide.

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