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The New Zealand Herald published an article about how the suburban area around Auckland, known as Mt Roskill, has become less White since the 90′s.

The White working class area used to be known as the bible-belt of New Zealand, but changes to the immigration system in the 1990′s meant that Australian and British immigrants were put to the bottom of the list in favor of non-White immigrants, specifically Asians and Indians. Today, the statistics show that nearly 60% of Mt Roskill’s residents are Asian, and about 15% are White.

In 1961, 92% of the country’s population described themselves as European. The last census from 2006 found that 67.6% described themselves as European, and keep in mind this census is from nearly 10 years ago.

This is pretty conclusive evidence that White genocide is going on in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Herald seems to support this genocide, as it proudly describes the area as “a melting pot of races from Africa, the Middle-East, India, China, Korea, the Philippines, Samoa, Tonga and beyond. More than 60 languages are spoken here.”

“if Mt Roskill today is the future face of New Zealand, it’s an optimistic one.” said the article.

“People have come to accept the fact that we’ve all got to live together and that’s good.” Cecil Lochan, a Fijian-Indian immigrant, told NZ Herald.

“Roskill has changed – I wouldn’t say for better or worse but it has become a different place. So has New Zealand.”

Anywhere there are White people, there must be “diversity”. Anti-Whites simply will not leave White people alone.

Most White countries on the planet are forced by their governments to have open borders, and these open borders allow millions of non-White people to come in and turn White people into the minority.

But if it were just open borders, it would not be so much of a problem because just about White people would move out to rural areas, and non-Whites would move to the cities.

Anti-Whites don’t want that to happen – they insist that we mix, they insist that no area can be “too White”.

So, they use “diversity” as their excuse to flood White areas with non-Whites – to make sure no area can be “too White”.

This “diversity” agenda of theirs is by legal definitions, White genocide, because if they have their way, not only will we be a minority in our own countries, we will be a minority everywhere in our own countries.

They say “diversity”, but we say “diversity” is a code word for White genocide.

(White Genocide Project)

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