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An antifa named Jared Spoonmore’s plan to burn a National Socialist flag at the Lawrence County Courthouse, in Bedford, Indiana, was stopped by Bedford Police officers.

Jews are demanding Facebook remove posts denying that so-called "holocaust" ever happened.

As they are richer than many nation-states, they are also more powerful than, and dominate, many nation-states. Effectively, they are a part of a supranational government dominated by Jews.

Paypal is a prominent example of monopoly capital. Like most Silicon Valley tech firms, they like to keep their terms of service as opaque as possible.

A Canadian publisher of a Polish-language publication was arrested on June 11 and then subsequently released for publishing anti-Jew articles.

A Brazilian pastor prayed to God to destroy the Jews like vermin and bring about a second Holocaust during a sermon in Rio de Janeiro.

An Airbnb customer who wrote an email complaining about the company's support for extremist groups was banned by its executives in retaliation.

More than 100 people were arrested amid violence in London as Nationalist groups gathered to confront Black Lives Matter protesters. 

Anti-lockdown protesters in Germany have come under fire for "appropriating the horrors of the Holocaust".

Facebook says it has removed adverts for US President Donald Trump's re-election campaign that featured a symbol used in National Socialist Germany.

America's Jewish-owned media is inciting blacks into committing more acts of racially motivated violence against random white people.

The negroid mayor of Newark plans to ask the city council to approve an ordinance declaring "white supremacist" groups to be "terrorists" and ban them from the city.

I don't think that a multiracial society is the right way to go. We may all wish, of course, that everyone could get along as if race didn’t matter.

In America, white citizens are under siege in a three front war with criminals on the street, the entire government, and the plutocrats directing them. These forces have all united to support the George Floyd race riots.

Knee-on-the-neck is a standard technique used by the Minneapolis Police Department. According to NBC News, Minneapolis police have used that technique at least 200 times since 2015. They got it from the Israelis.

Adolf Hitler removed rabbis and Jewish soldiers from the army in 1933.

A prominent member of one of America’s most active pro-Israel advocacy groups has said that marriage between Jews and non-Jews is a “tragedy” for Israel because it presents a “crisis” for the core of political support for the Zionist state.

The French parliament passed a controversial "hate speech" law that would fine social media companies if they fail to remove "illegal content" within 24 hours - and in some cases, as little as one hour.

Imagine if a bunch of White people moved into the capital cities of countries in the Middle East (or Africa, Asia, etc.) and then made videos bragging about how non-indigenous the city is.

Actual headline in Jewish newspaper yesterday: “US Will Push Countries to Love Their Jews More, Anti-Semitism Monitor Says”.

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