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Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi explains to his fellow jews the way that the justice system is really supposed to work, wherein a single jewish witness and single jewish judge can have a goy executed.

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook has recently established a content moderation oversight board featuring academics from all around the world.

Jason Mostafa Ali, a New Jersey history teacher of Egyptian descent, had his appeal in a lawsuit alleging discrimination at the hands of the principal at his school tossed out of federal court.

Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn's largest hospital, is non-sectarian and supposed to serve all New Yorkers equally regardless of race. According to new reports, this is about to change.

Under new guidelines drawn up to deal with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, illegal migrants in Sweden could be given higher prioritization for health care than the elderly from the country’s native population.

The Belgian government ordered surgical masks for the Klein Kasteeltje center for asylum-seekers in Brussels a month ago, at the same time that it was telling Belgians that they only needed to wash their hands to protect themselves from COVID-19, or the coronavirus.

It’s not exactly breaking news that immigrants, particularly third world immigrants, are vastly overrepresented in Western Europe crime statistics.

This month in Brussels, to celebrate ‘Black History Month’ an event will be held – the Black Liberation event – where white people are simply not welcome, unless of course, they are there to volunteer to take care of the black participants or if they are accompanied by one or more black people, SCEPTR reports.

Official figures from the Swedish government have revealed that of the nearly 100,000 people who were added to the country’s population in 2019, migrants accounted for 73 percent of that growth.

The increasingly non-White bureaucracy of Britain’s “free” National Health Service (NHS), the only available health care provider for millions of Britons, may now refuse to treat any White person they deem “racist” or “sexist.”

In the wake of the tsunami of Third World refugees that hit Germany beginning in 2015, pornographic production companies have created ‘refugee porn’ to capitalize on the migrant obsession with inter-racial sex and rape.

A gang of up 50 Black “youths” that, according to The Irish Sun, style themselves as an “American-type gang” are terrorizing the Dublin “15” neighborhood and beyond after the latest incident in which they attacked random White children who were eating in a Chinese takeaway in the “culturally” enriched Dublin suburb.

Forced to pay 1800 euros to anti-racism organizations for his crime of opinion.

Traitor would also forcibly indoctrinate American children with the “Holocaust” under promised “Never Again Education Act”.

The statement “It’s OK to be white” is a “racial hatred message” which “takes aim at people of colour,” at least according to the UK media.

A Ukrainian diplomat told Israel to butt out of the debate about honoring of National Socialist collaborators.

A group of hateful Jewish supremacists recently held a racist hate march against blacks in New York City.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC), a discredited Jewish pressure group, has called on US President Donald Trump to “instruct the FBI to establish a special task force to tackle the upsurge” in so-called “anti-Semitism”.

Nebraska State Senator Carol Blood announced that she plans to introduce state-specific domestic terrorism bill in the next legislative session.

“I would not recommend to anyone to walk through wearing a kippah,” said Max Privorozki of Halle, Germany.

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