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Two men, who are part of the far-left anarchist scene in France, have been fined 180,000 euros for setting a railway locomotive on fire and causing well over a million euros in damage.

A fake refugee from Syria living off German taxpayers in the city of Chemnitz has been convicted of a 2016 murder in the city - an attack which sparked off major protests against the ongoing nonwhite invasion of Germany - and sentenced to nine and a half years in prison.

Israel is busy ethnically cleansing Gaza and actively seeking to export that population to Europe, a senior Israeli Government official has told The Times of Israel, boasting that last year alone, 35,000 Gazans were permanently resettled in white nations.

Physical assaults against firefighters, emergency personnel, and police officers in France are becoming more and more common, with French media describing it as “the new normal.”

An advertisement comparing male astronauts with a woman sitting by a pram is among the first casualties of a British ban on gender stereotypes in advertising.

According to the Daily Mail, whose article is excerpted below: Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, 66, allegedly kills himself in his Manhattan jail cell, 24 hours after files in his case were unsealed and two weeks after he was placed on suicide watch ahead of his sex trafficking trial.

Hollywood millionaire Richard Gere has called upon the Italian government to assist migrants who have been stranded on a Spanish charity boat in the Mediterranean for more than a week.

Swedish women need to think about their “behavior” when they leave the house in the city of Uppsala. Otherwise, they might be raped. That message is stated by the police in the newspaper Expressen.

One of Chicago’s major hospitals was forced to temporarily shut its doors to new patients last weekend after being overrun by wounded victims following a record-breaking nonwhite gun crime spree which saw over 59 shootings and seven fatalities.

The ongoing mass Third World invasion of America over the Mexico border has resulted in a 900,000 backlog in fake “asylum” applications clogging up the court system - meaning that the nonwhites making up such claims will get to live in the US for years before their cases are even heard, official figures have shown.

Nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany are being given “cultural adaption” classes in order to “teach” them the difference between having consensual sex and outright rape, it has emerged.

Zimbabwe - which was widely hailed by the controlled media to have “turned a corner” and be “on the road to recovery” following the forced resignation of Robert Mugabe a year ago, is now in even worse condition than ever, and has regular 15-hour power cuts, runaway inflation, and endless currency crises and fuel shortages.

Nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees - but actually just fleeing their own self - created disasters and now seeking to parasite off whites in Europe - are targeting Spain and Greece once again according to new figures released by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and so far 48,047 registered landings have been made.

There have been at least 5,148 anti-white farm attacks in South Africa since 1990, during which at least 1,223 farmers, their family members and workers have been murdered - a total increase of 86 percent, according to new official figures.

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society - the Jewish organization targeted by the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers on account of its pro-Third World invasion activity - has launched a petition signed by over 1,400 rabbis demanding that the US take in all fake asylum seekers from Latin America - while continuing to support Israel, which refuses to take in any “refugees” at all.

Official police statistics from the UK’s capital city - which became majority nonwhite nearly a decade ago - have revealed that there are at least 754 violent attacks there every day, and that crime overall is increasing at the rate of over ten percent every six months.

Illegal immigration is a threat to Europe’s future, its culture and civilization, Budapest’s top diplomat and trade minister, Péter Szijjártó has told the Voice of America news service.

A riveting paper was posted on the website of "Institut des Libertés," the think tank of the great French financier Charles Gave. In it, he asks: Does the native population - by which he means the white population - of Europe face extinction?

For years, we have discussed the unrelenting attacks on free speech in Europe with the expansion of hate speech laws and the general criminalization of speech, including international speech crimes.

Ambassador Walter J Lindner's visit to the headquarters of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has stirred a controversy in India. Jewish-liberal experts say the Hindu group glorifies Adolf Hitler and his "cultural nationalism."

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