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Five police officers have been injured in violent clashes with nonwhite invaders, who have staged a riot in a shelter in the state of Bavaria, Germany. German crime statistics also show that migrant violence is becoming a new trend, reports.

A British fashion and makeup blogger has been embroiled in an odd controversy after social justice warrior commenters suggested her use of tanning beds was a form of racism, reports.

A funny note reading “Hitler is coming” was found on a billboard designed for comments by visitors to the Brooklyn Jewish Children’s Museum.

An exhibit of artistic ‘Cabbage Patch’ photos of alleged Holocaust survivors, lining a major street in downtown Vienna, Austria, was predictably vandalized for a third time.

Germany’s anti-Semitism commissioner called on Germans to wear kippas in public to show solidarity with Jews.

Unsealed FBI documents have claimed that black rights activist Martin Luther King ‘looked on and laughed’ while a friend raped a woman.

The national populist parties from eleven European countries that gathered in Milan, promised to reshape continent via this week’s critically important European election.

Following query by World Jewish Congress, Stefan Lofven condemns anti-Semitic marches in country, says ‘Jewish life is an integral part of Swedish society’.

Hundreds of ‘Black Vest’ migrant protesters occupied Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris on Sunday demanding to speak to Prime Minister Édouard Philippe in a demonstration against deportations and in favor of legal papers for all.

The Swedish government is looking into the possibility of forbidding the use of Norse runes, local media has reported, amid Jewish-Liberal concerns that the ancient symbols have been "misappropriated by neo-Nazi groups".

Deputy Minister of Sports and Tourism Anna Krupka was presenting her party’s views when Konrad Berkowicz [Korwin] approached her from behind and placed a Jewish skullcap above her head as she was speaking.

Germany’s satirical party Die Partei is fielding candidates bearing the surnames of key figures in Adolf Hitler’s goverment for European elections, but the stunt has left some Jews and Liberals outraged.

Antisemitic trolling and disinformation is allegedly rising online, and so is harassment of Jews because of their views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, often at the hands of other Jews who disagree, a new study claims.

Two regions in Germany are seriously considering banning the carrying of knives in public places due to a recent outbreak of violent knife attacks.

A new Danish party that wants Islam banned and hundreds of thousands of Muslims deported could win seats in Denmark’s parliament in the upcoming election, an opinion poll showed.

Facebook will still allow users to deny the Holocaust even though it removed prominent Nationalists and anti-Semites from its platform.

The Polish Foreign Ministry on Sunday announced it had canceled the visit of an official Israeli delegation in Warsaw because the Israelis were going to raise the issue of restitution for Jewish property allegedly “stolen” in WW2.

The popular instant messaging system WhatsApp - owned by Facebook - has been revealed as an Israeli spyware platform using malicious code from the Jews-only state’s infamous NSO Group, according to a report in the Financial Times.

Police officers were bombarded with glass bottles and stones after African invaders pretending to be asylum seekers refused to let authorities remove the dead body of a female Nigerian in a Regensburg, Bavaria, invader center over the weekend.

Theresa May has given her strong backing, as has every zionist UK prime minister, to plans for a “Holocaust education” centre on a site next to the Houses of Parliament.

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