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A string of suspected arson attacks have hit three facilities intended to house foreing migrants in Sweden this week alone.

Yet another planned non-white invader housing center, this time in Flensburg, has gone up in flames as German patriots continue to resist the nonwhite invasion of their country, police have reported. 

On October 14th, the German town of Lohfelden, in Hesse, had a town meeting.

Twenty migrants have sued the Berlin State Office for Social Affairs because they had to wait to register their asylum cases and receive welfare handouts.

The police should be calling for the immediate deportation of these savage animals.

Schoolchildren from an undisclosed school in the north german city of Lübeck,

A village in Germany has released a list of ground rules for moslem migrants.

Good news here as the German government is admitting that there has been a huge increase in attacks on homes provided to foreign invaders.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has asked Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, to stop Germans from making comments against mass immigration on Facebook. 

Last week, the Detroit News caught a small change in the city's population in new Census Bureau data.

The number of attacks committed against immigrant shelters in Germany has more than doubled this year compared to 2014.

Sixty people were hurt when a mass riot broke out over food at a tented refugee camp in Germany.

Considering that Apple is run by a homosexual anal sex enthusiast by the name of Tim Cook, I agree that such an investigation is absolutely warranted. 

The controlled media has deliberately blacked out mass German opposition to the non-white invasion, with the latest such example being the huge rally on September 21 held in the east germany city of Dresden which the capital city of the Free State of Saxony.

A good summary from RT embedded below detailing how nationalism is rising as the third world invasion of Europe continues.

A number of anti-invasion protests were held in Finland yesterday. 

Up to 35 million nonwhites from all over the Middle East are set to invade Europe, the Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has said. 

They are very supportive of the foreign immigration of Europe by Moslem and African non-whites.

A judge has ruled that sick Ultra-Orthodox Jews will be allowed to continue slaughtering chickens in the streets of New York City. 

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