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Natalie Portman is calling on the Jewish community to question how much emphasis they place on the Holocaust in comparison to other atrocities.

The anti-immigration Sweden Democrats has become the largest party in Sweden according to a new poll.

The German government is changing it’s rules on refugees in order to make lebensraum for African and Arab immigrants.

David Lammy, a Black man campaigning to become London’s next mayor says he would “push from day one” to legalize the 300,000 or so illegal immigrants present in London, England.

After years — decades in fact — of open immigration policies welcoming millions from Muslim countries many European nations are now overwhelmed by the consequences. 

Due to the fact that nobody wants to deal with the Negro invasion that has taken place in Calais, it is possible that the Euro Tunnel might get closed down. 

A Finnish member of parliament has come under fire for decrying the “nightmare called multiculturalism” and rallying his compatriots to fight for “one true Finnish nation.”

British anarchists are “manipulating migrants” to stage mass intrusions into the Channel Tunnel and provoke violent clashes with security forces they depict as “savages”, French police have claimed. 

I would encourage the German people to have as many babies as possible.

Jewish attacks on freedom of speech in America are becoming ever more brazen.

Adolf Hitler has risen to the top of a global poll on who you would most want to see brought back from the dead.

There are continuous protests going on all over Italy because the anti-White government is refusing to send back the illegal immigrants.

As supporters of the Golden Dawn party set up Greeks only food banks to help feed the unemployed, the leftist coalition government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is facing an uphill battle to sell yet another version of austerity to an already traumatised nation. 

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's government has reportedly indicated, for the first time, that it may hand back land to some white farmers whose farms were forcibly taken away from them during the height of the country’s controversial land reform programme. 

The Racialised Students’ Collective (RSC), a so called “anti-racist” activist group at Ryerson University, Canada, has become the latest group in academia to show its true anti-White form.  

The official confirmation had to wait until new population figures were released by the Census Bureau this summer.

More people in Britain believe that multiculturalism makes the country worse than those who believe it makes the country better, according to a new survey. 

Sometimes, it is necessary to ban your own people in order to protect the feelings of a foreign parasite.

You white people aren’t having enough kids to replace those older folks who are dying, according to the U.S. Census.

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias said he respects Germany just not German politics, nor the way Berlin views Greece's economy, which faces the prospect of running out of money if it cannot agree to new bailout terms with creditors. 

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