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Denmark has the tightest immigration laws in Europe, and according to the government, stopping the country being flooded by millions of immigrants has saved the country 6.7 billion euros.

Greek courts are not controlled at the same level as, say, American courts, as evidenced by the fact that several members of the Golden Dawn were released by a judge shortly after their illegal arrest.

People Magazine has decided that this year’s “most beautiful woman” is full-blooded Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o, who became famous for her role in 12 Years a Slave.

Non-white violence in the Rütli-Schule Hauptschule in the Neukölln made teaching impossible.

A new law will come into effect in Sweden and it will allow people to be prosecuted for criticizing immigration or politician’s unwillingness to tackle the issue.

Between having Republican presidential candidates fly to Las Vegas to kiss his ring, billionaire Sheldon Adelson has managed to fit in time to talk Sen.

On April, 3 contents of the new “Fundamentals of the state cultural policy” developed by the Russian Ministry of Culture were announced in Russian media.

After the sharp increase recorded the previous year, the first two months of 2014 have been marked by a spectacular increase in the number of departures for Israel, according to statistics from the Jewish Agency.

A new study of 212 black college students made available to Secrets found little open-mindedness.

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Friday voice doubts about the scale of the Holocaust, questioning the West's "red lines" on freedom of expression.

Jewish control of the media is preventing an open discussion of the Holocaust, prominent Hollywood director Oliver Stone told the Sunday Times, adding that the U.S. Jewish lobby was controlling Washington's foreign policy for years.

The Student Federation of the University of Ottawa hosted an event last Tuesday (11th), called “In My Skin”.

Norwegians must learn that just as it is racist for them to have a country and not let blacks live inside of it on welfare, it is also racist to deny them sex with blonde women.

Black movie director Spike Lee is calling for white people to stay out of black neighborhoods. He says that white people who move into a majority black area have ”Motherf***ing Christohpher Columbus Syndrome.”

Anti-Semitism on the net is “like a tsunami wave,” Knesset chairman MK Yoel Razbozov said during a hearing on online hate speech.

For over 30 years, Rice University Sociology Professor Dr. Stephen Klineberg has been studying the demographics of Greater Houston, in Texas.

A Swedish school has banned wearing the Swedish flag or any clothing, including sports team shirts, which features the Swedish colors, oh school picture day.  They say it is racist, and offensive to the non-White hordes.

Geographically one finds France in Europe, but demographically the country is swiftly drifting towards Africa as recent data indicates.

The Obama regime has launched a full fledged Zimbabwe style land grab in Wyoming.

The 21st century will witness “the withering away of central governments, the rise of tribal and regional domains, the unchecked spread of disease, and the growing pervasiveness of war”. 

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