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The moral, social, and philosophical bankruptcy of our modern political/economic ideologies is becoming more apparent by the day. Free-market capitalism, conventional socialism, democracy, and communism are all demonstrable failures.

Order, freedom and justice. These are the watchwords for the judicial system we want to create once we have taken power.

As our gene pool now shrinks to the point of no return, it is long past time that all who profess to care abandon the denials of reality and the worship of the executioner's institutions.

The Nordics and their people are facing immense challenges: destructive mass immigration, economic slavery to international high finance, and a news media that lobbies for mass immigration, to name just a few.

One of the professed principles of the United Nations, of which the United States is ostensibly a member, is opposition to genocide — that is, to the attempted destruction of a people. Let us look at the UN definition of genocide.

Sebastian Elofsson explains how the National Socialist cause is a struggle for higher values.

Let’s start with some harsh facts. The average Black IQ in the U.S. is estimated by various sources as being somewhere in the mid to upper 80’s as compared to the White average arbitrarily set at 100.

Many people seem to feel compelled to argue a case for White survival based upon how great our ancestors were, especially compared to others.

The reason for racial differences in per capita crime rates isn’t poverty. The leftist’s “poverty causes crime” argument sounds plausible at first.

A National Socialist from Greece writes about the Nordic Resistance Movement's historical mission and how the multiple aspects and influences of the system can be battled on the outer, political, as well as the inner plane.

With the final destruction of the farce of the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), at the hands of a small force comprised of armed US policemen, that was more a squatter eviction than a battle; we are forced to wonder about the future of such attempts to create autonomous zones within existing states.

Living in harmony with nature was once something that was taken for granted, but today everything that is natural is relativised and we need to be constantly reminded of the natural laws that rule our lives.

The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement writes about membership, folk community and why all of our people are needed in the struggle.

The real spirit of traditional European religions — and of Cosmotheism — is contained in the blood of our folk wherever it extends through space and time.

This essay first appeared in the inaugural issue of National Socialist World (Spring, 1966), journal of the World Union of National Socialists.

I wrote this letter in reply to a long email I received from a female friend of mine who asked me for advice about her feelings of personal despair for the Aryan Race after completing graduate studies, getting  married to a fellow National Socialist and having children. I reproduce  it here because I hope others may find value in my words to her. I have  changed her name for obvious reasons, but otherwise my reply is intact. -Karl Radl

Nationalism is for the nation; socialism is for the people. Be a National Socialist.

There is a word for the wiping away of a race or people. It is called genocide. But, people of European descent are awakening all over the world.

The Icelander Ríkharður Magnússon discusses our Old Norse beliefs and the ways in which they have been distorted in the modern era.

An objective study of history will show beyond dispute by rational men that religion has been a major force, if not the major force, in shaping our conditions and destiny.

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