First you get the idea. When you get the idea you get the comrades, when you get the comrades you get the streets, when you get the streets you get the people, when you get the people you get the state.

The reason for racial differences in per capita crime rates isn’t poverty. The leftist’s “poverty causes crime” argument sounds plausible at first.

It would be the saddest sign of decay of a period if the impetus to a higher spiritual achievement lay only in the increased wage.

One of the professed principles of the United Nations, of which the United States is ostensibly a member, is opposition to genocide — that is, to the attempted destruction of a people. Let us look at the UN definition of genocide.

A new television series based on the novel The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick is soon to be released on Amazon video.

If we do not tell the truth about National  Socialist Germany, why should we expect anyone else to do so?

Living in harmony with nature was once something that was taken for granted, but today everything that is natural is relativised and we need to be constantly reminded of the natural laws that rule our lives.

Wyoming is the ideal destination for any serious effort at a Northwest Migration. This post is a rough sketch at pitching the Wyoming heresy to "White zionists".

National Socialism, like every revolutionary movement, is fueled by personal sacrifice.

How the so-called “Civil Rights” Movement has led to loss of the most important civil right of all: life.

Klas Lund writes about the relationship between reactionary nationalists and National Socialists and why National Socialism is the only way forward.

An objective study of history will show beyond dispute by rational men that religion has been a major force, if not the major force, in shaping our conditions and destiny.

Jimmy Thunlind explains how the development of the countryside in a National Socialist society would solve the problems of today’s big cities and lead to a higher quality of life, more economic self-sufficiency and a responsible use of natural resources.

"Prepare for war with peace in your soul. Be not moved in pleasure or in pain, in gain or in loss, in victory or in the loss of battle."

How the motto “My honour is loyalty” came to be and how it relates to today’s struggle…

The National Socialist Party died in 1945. Following the show trials at Nuremberg, some of the last National Socialist leaders were sentenced to death. Others were rewarded by being ushered into America under the CIA’s Operation Paperclip, where they helped establish NASA.

With the gigantic catastrophe of 1945, the greatest setback to human evolution in recorded history, still close behind us, its chilling and choking memory still omnipresent, and before us difficulties and disadvantages so gigantic as to deny us any immediate or early prospect of gaining power over our respective countries, what can be done?

Sebastian Elofsson explains how the National Socialist cause is a struggle for higher values.

Many people seem to feel compelled to argue a case for White survival based upon how great our ancestors were, especially compared to others.

Biologically, the disappearance of a people, an ethnicity, or a race is achieved principally through others intermixing with its women, that is, with their wombs.


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