20th, April, 2020 marks 131 years since the birth of Adolf Hitler – the man whose life and legacy form a stark outline, the shape of which the entire present world order was constructed against.

The German Social Nationalist organisation Der Dritte Weg recently conducted an interview with Tina Lund from the Nordic Resistance Movement.

The Nordics and their people are facing immense challenges: destructive mass immigration, economic slavery to international high finance, and a news media that lobbies for mass immigration, to name just a few.

If we do not tell the truth about National  Socialist Germany, why should we expect anyone else to do so?

Before we start i would like to say that until the White race realizes that there is only one source from which we can ascertain lasting truths, there will never be peace or stability on this Earth.

A new television series based on the novel The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick is soon to be released on Amazon video.

Sebastian Elofsson explains how the National Socialist cause is a struggle for higher values.

Several decades after the physical defeat of National Socialist Germany in the outcome of her heroic struggle against the overwhelming array of men and materials marshalled against her by the Bolshevist-democratic alliance, the appearance of this reappraisal reflects the revival of National Socialism which is a feature of the day.

Jimmy Thunlind explains how the development of the countryside in a National Socialist society would solve the problems of today’s big cities and lead to a higher quality of life, more economic self-sufficiency and a responsible use of natural resources.

With the gigantic catastrophe of 1945, the greatest setback to human evolution in recorded history, still close behind us, its chilling and choking memory still omnipresent, and before us difficulties and disadvantages so gigantic as to deny us any immediate or early prospect of gaining power over our respective countries, what can be done?

Freedom fighters today, the brave folk who risk their lives and fortunes for the survival of their race and culture, spend much of their time and energy defining and describing "the enemy."

"Prepare for war with peace in your soul. Be not moved in pleasure or in pain, in gain or in loss, in victory or in the loss of battle."

Nationalism is for the nation; socialism is for the people. Be a National Socialist.

How the so-called “Civil Rights” Movement has led to loss of the most important civil right of all: life.

As our gene pool now shrinks to the point of no return, it is long past time that all who profess to care abandon the denials of reality and the worship of the executioner's institutions.

This essay first appeared in the inaugural issue of National Socialist World (Spring, 1966), journal of the World Union of National Socialists.

Contrary to the current anti-White narrative, racial-nationalism formed a significant opposition to American empire-builders, more than once preventing the incorporation of territories with large non-White populations into the United States.

White privilege is real. Whites really do enjoy some privileges on account of being descended from other whites.

The Nordic people’s constitutional freedoms and rights are being abolished. Repression against critics of the system is increasing.

How the motto “My honour is loyalty” came to be and how it relates to today’s struggle…