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Don't be confused about Critical Race Theory (and some similar theories and beliefs), as some so-called conservatives seem to be.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) may have tinges of Marxism, Communism, Leftism, liberalism, and even Democratic Party thinking but, at its core, Critical Race Theory is a virulently anti-White philosophy that uses quasi-intellectual terms to promote anti-Whiteness towards anything that seems, no matter how slightly, pro-White. For example, you’ve probably read how “math is racist” toward non-Whites because students are taught (horrors!) that there are correct and incorrect answers.

To be clear, anything related to Whites or developed by Whites; be it something from history, or science, or literature, or art, or anything that can somehow be tied to Whites is hated. That is what Critical Race Theory is about.

So, please stop whimpering about it being “anti-Christian” or “anti-conservative,” or how it is Marxism, communism, etc. ad infinitum ad nauseum. It is about hating Whites and wanting all Whites dead. Period.

Come out from your mental fetal position in the corner where you are timidly hiding because of your fear of talking about race, and admit what you know.

If you were born White, be White, damn it! And be proud of it. Critical Race Theory is about hating you because you are White — and its proponents want you and all other Whites — from babies to the aged — dead. That’s it.

Just stop the pseudo-intellectual “Ahem, I believe Critical Race Theory is ah, anti-democratic (or Marxist, etc.) and I’m for democracy and mom and apple pie, and I don’t care who doesn’t like it because I’m a real tough talker and, ah, I’m not racist and I have Black friends.” Uh, no. That’s not tough. That’s the PC and cowardly thing to say, and far too many Whites go that way for fear of being called “racist.” It’s also very stupid. Hey, listen up: CRT is anti-White. Get it? It is part of a genocide against Whites. They want you, Whitey, dead!

Critical Race Theory is not even a generic “anti-racist” theory as some suggest, it is a kind of hyper-racism aimed only at one race: Whites. Critical Race Theory puts all POC (“People of Color”; their term) — Blacks, Browns, Reds, Yellows — on one side, and Whites and only Whites on the other side. Whites are seen as the devils and evil-doers throughout history, and in the present day as well. Get it? Critical Race Theory considers the entire White genome evil and something that must be wiped out. That means all White people must be killed off in one way or another so the wonderful POC can live without the harm that White devils do just by being alive.

Whites are considered the Covid-19 of humankind — a humanvirus pandemic that has plagued the planet ever since we came into existence, and Critical Race Theory wants to wipe us out to end the pandemic of Whiteness so the POC  can take off their masks and breathe freely. Whites are the carriers of Whiteness and are infecting the whole world with the disease of Whiteness, and to stop it Whites must be eradicated by any and all means. Give Whites birth control; give them easy-to-get abortions; tell them homosexuality is “cool”; trick them into mating with non-Whites; do whatever it takes to decrease their numbers and have them die off. And if all of that fails, just plain kill them with guns and knives.

Lately we’ve read reports of Asians, who are being attacked all over the country by Blacks, saying Blacks are doing that “because of White supremacy.” I kid you not. And of course such a statement from an Asian really means that Asian sides with Blacks against Whites and is okay with Critical Race Theory — the Hate Whites Theory.

In the news recently was case of an innocent little four-year-old White kid who was stabbed to death by a Black, and the cops say they “don’t know a motive.” How about the fact that the little kid was White? — could that have been the motive? He was killed because he was White and, remember, all Whites, no matter how young, must be wiped out if one believes Whites are evil and are like a virus plaguing the planet.

Such attacks on White people are usually hidden from us, getting no national news coverage. This hiding is pervasive in the controlled media, and police and politicians collaborate with the hiders. I’ve been writing about this for years yet still there are foolish Whites who don’t get it, just as there are foolish Whites who verbally attack other Whites who like being White and who don’t want to be killed or to go extinct.

Just the other day a Black at a meeting of armed and militant Blacks said, “There will come a time when we will kill everything White in sight.” Have you seen this in the “mainstream” (controlled) media? Of course not. The controlled media want to hide this from you.

Generally, it’s a good idea when someone says he wants to kill you to take him at his word.

Meanwhile, and in spite of the all the anti-White hatred and open threats, the FBI and the Departments of Justice and Defense are busy doing proctological exams of Whites to see if they have any pro-White views. And if any Whites soldiers do harbor any pro-White views they are apparently being booted out of the military. “Ve suspect you might like being White. Is zat right?”

Have we no better than beaten-down dogs? I saw a mewling comment recently from a  White guy who wrote against what he called “White racism” in the US because, he said, although the country was settled by Whites, “our future is now with Blacks, Browns and Asians.” No, dummy. The future of Whites is not with Blacks, Browns, and Asians. Whites are not part of that future.

The future of a genetically unique people (that means a race) — and Whites are a genetically unique people — is only possible if their genome continues to exist. We are our genes. Whites should not surrender and slink away into non-existence and say, “Gee, my people have all been dispossessed or killed off and now I’m one of the few White people left here and none of my ways as a White person that existed when my town was mostly White — my values of hard work, my crime free area, and the other things that are just nice and White and a product of White genes, don’t exist and no one around me looks or acts like me anymore, and I now have Black grandchildren. Golly, I’m sure happy about this.”

It’s been an incremental creep toward Critical Race Theory and the openly calling for the destruction of Whiteness and Whites generally.

Too many Whites are like frogs being cooked in a pot of water and not realizing it because the heat is being turned up a little at a time, incrementally boiling the frogs to death before they catch on and jump out.

It started in the US with forced busing, forced integration of everything, the 1965 Immigration Act, “Affirmative Action,” the criminalization of living freely among one’s own kind and only one’s own kind, all amidst talk of a “color-blind society.” Yeah, right.

Some of us saw this coming. I’ve been writing about it for many years, and I’ve seen how far too many Whites, seemingly afraid of their own shadows, try to deny it.

Let me emphasize the above. Racial integration and then Affirmative Action and then talk of a “color-blind society” and all the rest were all precursors to Critical Race Theory. I saw that from the start and have said it for many, many years, as have some others. But we are too few in number and constantly come up against those who are in denial or who think they can oppose this while not stating it directly — who hide behind wimpy euphemisms instead of saying,”Look, this is just about hating and harming Whites. Period. Full stop.” Instead they whine about “socialism” or some other thing that is tangential to the real core of it all, which is hatred of Whites.

Wake up, Whitey. There’s a target on your back and your uniform in the eternal race wars is your skin. You may be confused about your identity, but those who hate you aren’t. They see your White skin and know you are their enemy just by you being alive, even if you kowtow and genuflect to them and say you hate Whiteness and other Whites. No matter what they say, they want you dead and forgotten.

For now, they’re destroying your history. They’re tearing down statues of Whites. They’re renaming schools and streets to remove the names of White people. They’re teaching your White children to hate themselves for being White. They call you “racist,” “White supremacist,” and other names if you refuse to surrender and give up being who and what you are by birth. They want you to deny your Whiteness even as you  live (for the time being) in your White skin. But that’s just part of the incrementalism leading up to you being killed off in one way or another. You’re being boiled alive and you don’t know it. You are the frogs in the pot.

And still you don’t get it? Still, you mumble about how you are “against Marxism and Communism” and completely miss the point? It’s not essentially about those things. It’s essentially about race. And always has been. It’s about hating the White race and wanting us to die off or be killed off. It’s not about rich against poor or class against class. It’s about race.

Source: National Vanguard

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