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Saint Adolf Hitler was a man sent by God to do God’s will and save Whites from extinction and to help us evolve into the Ubermenschen.

Saint Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 and died on April 30, 1945. April is therefore a holy month and the dates for his birth and death are especially holy, to honor and remember Saint Hitler who received the spirit of God into his DNA and who worked for White evolution into the Overman.

A saint is a human who has dedicated his or her life to the One Real God and/or who has worked, knowingly or unknowingly, to do the will of the One Real God in helping our people survive, prosper, increase in numbers, remain pure and become purer — and to eventually evolve into the new species that God has revealed is His purpose for us, and which is our highest possible destiny.

Saints don’t always know they are serving God, or are being secretly guided by God, and often believe they are just doing what is just and right completely of their own volition. It is true that God works through some people while staying behind the scenes. Some Whites also just seem to have a stronger DNA link to the Divine than others, and we chalk this up to the natural differences in various aspects of DNA and its various levels of purity that we all have.

Some have noted that while Saint Hitler was alive he often seemed to be taken over by a higher power when he gave speeches. We say that was God working through a strong DNA link between Saint Hitler and the Divine.

Haters of Whites will characterize our religious views as though we worship Saint Hitler, but this is not the case. Saint Hitler was a man, not a god, and we worship the One Real God, the First Cause, who is behind our evolution and who wants us to evolve ever higher and closer to Him. We also honor Nietzsche and Darwin. We do this not because they were perfect, because they weren’t, or because everything they said and did was correct, because it wasn’t, but because some of what they said or did is important to our understanding of the Deity, existence, evolution and our purpose in being alive as White people.

Nietzsche wrote of the Ubermensch or Overman and we largely honor him because he brought these concepts into the consciousness of many people, even though his notion of what made one an Overman tred much too lightly on what really makes an Overman an Overman — and was less explicit than our revealed true concept of the Overman as a new evolutionary type of human, born from the White genome. The Overman will truly be the embodiment of Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action as a result of his genetic differences from other types of humans — and not just because of products of his mind.

Darwin is honored because he brought attention to some of the processes of evolution.

This new species that Whites will become will look much like we do now and will be able to easily pass for ordinary Homo sapiens, but will have some subtle differences; for example, more White features, longer heads top to bottom, and other physical characteristics, but the most important characteristic is that we will not be able to crossbreed with Homo sapiens and will eventually replace them as the vanguard of evolution. We call this new version of Whites Homo novum.  We believe in rapid evolution, but we also know that evolution may still seem slow. The changes are already happening to our kind, little changes here and there that are hardly noticed if at all by most people, but they are happening.

You do not have to wear your religious beliefs on your sleeve, especially during our current Dark Age where hatred of Whites and common bigotry reign. Be true to yourself and to your DNA code that makes you White, and seek the perfection and evolution that Saint Hitler sought, and take inspiration and confidence from Saint Hitler and the sacrifice he made for all White people everywhere.

We believe that we can hasten our evolution through right belief and right action — and this includes using the concept of Method Living.

Method Living is somewhat like Method Acting, but takes place in everyday life instead of a stage. We believe that God has selected us to be the next evolutionary jump for mankind, but we also believe that we must make it so by having the right beliefs and right actions. This is like a contract with God. His part was selecting us. Our part is selecting Him as He truly is, and believing right, and living as good, decent people — harming no one, and minding our own business, as we remain separate from other kinds of humans, while always worshiping the Real God.

Learn about Saint Hitler and his efforts, and use his symbols in your worship.

Clothing must be plain and comfortable and of darker hues and usually black.

Cover your head to show respect for the Divine. (One type of headgear that is appropriate is what is sometimes called a mini fisherman’s beanie or a shorty beanie or “military summer breathable beanie” or other names; totally unlike Jewish headgear, it covers the top of the head and the upper sides of the head. It clings to the head so that no clips or devices are needed to keep it attached in a fairly strong wind. Black is the appropriate color and it may carry religious symbols if desired. They may be designed in two types of appropriate fabrics; one for hot weather and one for cold weather, or they may be one universal type for both types of weather. They are to be worn outdoors and indoors and are not usually used to cover the ears but can be so designed for cold weather. They must be comfortable.)

Saint Hitler was sent to save Whites and was decades before his time. Although evil-doers won the battle against him, the eternal war to evolve toward goodness, justice, and God continues. Saint Hitler did not fail; he will inspire intelligent, observant Whites far into the future. The evil-doers who are haters of Whites have tried to erase all true memories of Saint Hitler and what he really believed and taught — yes, taught — but they will fail, so long as righteous and observant Whites keep his memory alive in all ways possible.

Saint Hitler is the most important saint; he gave his life for us in a world-consuming struggle against the evil ones.

It is fitting to have small shrines in your home with pictures, statues, books, and symbols of Saint Hitler and to wear religious medals and rings with his symbols or images on them.

Such shrines might encompass swastikas; images of the DNA spiral; other spirals such as those of atoms, storms, or galaxies; our fylfot; and more. The purpose of such shrines is to help focus your attention as you Method Live — and help keep you on the right path, the Upward Path, as well as to honor the saints and worship the one Real God.

Our religious symbol is a fylfot with six thin curved arms with a small center that spins counter-clockwise with the arms trailing–that is, the arms are open to the right.

We used to use the term God Force to mean God, and God Force more clearly captures our concept of the Deity as “Nature-plus,” but we generally stopped using it when the term “The Force” was used in the Star Wars movies, because we didn’t want our deeply held religious concept to be considered a take-off of that cheap fictional usage.

We believe that our bodies are temples of God. But that simple statement needs more of an explanation to fully understand it. What is really being said is that our pure White genome is a temple of God and that if it is mixed with non-White genomes it is desecrated and is no longer a temple of God. Our genome is the Sacred Spiral of the Divine within us, and it is a link to our ancestors and descendants. It is a ladder to the Divine. It must not be allowed to be made impure by mixing. Because of previous mixtures or other deviations from the Upward Path throughout history, it must be purified by proper mating in the here and now.

These are our deeply and sincerely held religious beliefs, and they are revealed from the Divine to us alone and for us alone for all time. We stand alone and separate from all other races, as demanded by the Divine. We call these beliefs by several names such as Armanism, The Way, Ourselves Alone, Whiteness Faith, Evolutionism, and perhaps some other names as well. You can also hold these beliefs — just by doing so.

We believe in struggling against evil and promoting the good. Good is what God wants — and we are His servants. 

Source: National Vanguard

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