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by Douglas Mercer

The myth of the 20th century goes like this: World War 2 was the good war. In that war the Americans defeated the Nazis.

If there’s one thing that everyone knows it’s that the “Nazis” were the most evil people ever to walk to planet. No one else is even close. Mao? Stalin? Pol Pot? Minor leaguers. You can’t even mention them in the same breath.

So the Americans defeated the most evil people ever.

Why were the “Nazis” the most evil?

Everyone agrees that they were the most evil because they based their state, their government, and their ideology on race.

They were “racists.”

And so ipso facto “racism” is the most evil thing ever to occur on the planet. Nothing else is even close. Everything else is minor league.

And then the myth of the 20th century cranks into high gear.

But wait a minute, they say. Read the Nuremberg transcripts and they are littered with references to the Nazis working closely with American intellectuals in the 1930s. Why, Karl Brandt even submitted The Passing of the Great Race into evidence as an exhibit. Hitler went so far as to call that book his Bible.

And in this they are correct. The so called “American-Nazi” connection really happened. Indeed, the American intellectuals were jealous that the National Socialists were applying their ideas.

So now the new Jewish-“American” elite that emerged full-fledged after the war goes for the final corollary to their axiom: If Nazis were the most evil people of all, and the Americans were working with the Nazis, then the Americans were just like the Nazis.

American History was “racist.” They call it “White supremacy.”

And by dint of that chain of logic, American “White supremacy” became exactly equal to the most evil thing ever to have occurred on the planet.

Nothing else could ever be more evil.

In America, this is now the one thing that “everybody knows.”

And the result of this is that some 75 years after the fall of Germany’s National Socialist government, after the Americans “liberated Europe,” Negroes in America are being allowed to rampage, loot, and burn their way through American cities.

And Negroes are allowed to rob, steal, and rape with no punishment even considered.

What the Negroes get for this actual evil is the fawning attention of those in power, every advantage under the sun, and corporations lavishing billions of dollars upon them.

Because the “Nazis” were the most evil people of all.

Because “racism” is the most evil thing of all.

Because American “White supremacy” was “Nazism” under a different name and is therefore the most evil thing of all.

Everyone knows this to be true.

This is the myth of the 20th century. This the ruling elite insists that we believe.

And the final insult is that clueless, cowardly, and “color-blind” conservatives come along and object to the ruling elite’s characterization of America.

The way they fight them is simple:

They do not call the ruling elite Jews. Nor do they call them Communists or Marxists.

No indeed. For those are not the most evil things ever to exist.

They call them the most hated name of all.

They call them “Nazis.”

And in this way the Holocaust becomes complete.

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