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The current rush to censor and silence us is a desperate effort by Jews to close the gates on the truth after many millions have already heard and understood.

by David Sims

I. Remember that although the planning of the hoax should be meticulous, with all details considered, none of your careful thinking should be visible to the police detectives. What they should see is an apparently simple criminal act.

Scene in once-clean, once-prosperous, once-cultured, once-White Detroit, Michigan.

Biologically, the disappearance of a people, an ethnicity, or a race is achieved principally through others intermixing with its women, that is, with their wombs.

Klas Lund writes about the relationship between reactionary nationalists and National Socialists and why National Socialism is the only way forward.

Let those who commit treason with the Zionist destroyer, or sit on the fence, be aware.

The real spirit of traditional European religions — and of Cosmotheism — is contained in the blood of our folk wherever it extends through space and time.

Nordic Resistance Movement activist Cedric Höglund has listened to the speech “The Gift of Life” by Dr. William Pierce and explains how important it is for the Nordic people to stop being spectators and to start taking part in life.

The moral, social, and philosophical bankruptcy of our modern political/economic ideologies is becoming more apparent by the day. Free-market capitalism, conventional socialism, democracy, and communism are all demonstrable failures.

A frank discussion on the war on whites and how the media, establishment and music industry constantly push the message that white genocide is a positive development.

The Nordic people’s constitutional freedoms and rights are being abolished. Repression against critics of the system is increasing.

Simon Lindberg explains National Socialism’s relationship to race and nationality, an important distinction that is often misunderstood.

"Prepare for war with peace in your soul. Be not moved in pleasure or in pain, in gain or in loss, in victory or in the loss of battle."

Several decades after the physical defeat of National Socialist Germany in the outcome of her heroic struggle against the overwhelming array of men and materials marshalled against her by the Bolshevist-democratic alliance, the appearance of this reappraisal reflects the revival of National Socialism which is a feature of the day.

The Nordics and their people are facing immense challenges: destructive mass immigration, economic slavery to international high finance, and a news media that lobbies for mass immigration, to name just a few.

An objective study of history will show beyond dispute by rational men that religion has been a major force, if not the major force, in shaping our conditions and destiny.

National Socialism, like every revolutionary movement, is fueled by personal sacrifice.

by Douglas Mercer

Eric Kaufmann is the go-to guru among establishment types when they want to understand the exotic world of White identity and White nationalism. That is, when they want to head it off at the pass.

Sebastian Elofsson explains how the National Socialist cause is a struggle for higher values.

To understand the dichotomy between National Socialism and Democracy, it is necessary that we define the parameters of each one.

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