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The corrupt judicial system in Sweden has punished another National Socialist because of his opinions. 

A group of patriotic persons has reportedly attacked members of the Communist Party in Thessaloniki, injuring at least three of the reds.

The leader of a National Socialist group was arrested after finding an improvised explosive device in his house.

James Fields, a Charlottesville protester who was framed as a terrorist by the media and state, has been transported MCFP Springfield, a federal medical facility, according to a search of the Bureau Of Prison's database

Matthew Cronjager, 18, of Ingatestone, Essex, tried to get hold of a 3D printed gun or a sawn-off shotgun to kill his target, the Old Bailey heard.

A National Socialist organizer of a blackmail campaign against MSM journalists and Jewish supremacists in Washington and two other states has been sentenced to three years in federal prison for "hate crime" and "conspiracy" charges.

An australian National Socialist who allegedly talked about carrying out a mass shooting will be kept behind bars when his weapons sentence expires.

Prior to 2018, special interest groups demanding the dismantling of the rapidly growing nationalist movement in the name of stopping "white supremacist domestic terrorism" struggled to name a group that could justify a crackdown. 

Germany's Federal Court of Justice has dismissed the appeal of Beate Zschäpe, member of the high-profile National Socialist Underground terror crew. 

A National Socialist student who created two patriotic groups and promoted a "distorted and wicked cause" has been jailed.

National Action was founded in 2013 by Ben Raymond and Alex Davies (pictured).

An American National Socialist group which is led from Russia is to be banned as a "terrorist organisation", the Home Secretary has said.

A 57-year-old Val d'Aosta man was fined 5,000 euros for installing a Third Reich eagle (without swastika) and triangles worn by concentration camp inmates on two gates outside his house in Saint-Vincent.

Greek authorities have arrested a convicted member of the National Socialist Golden Dawn party after nine months on the run, a government minister said.

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