A 22-year-old Fullerton, CA woman accused of posting National Socialist propaganda posters at a high school and near a college campus is facing "vandalism and graffiti" charges, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office announced.

A badge for the German National Socialist association for women was found at the home of a patriotic "terror suspect" who took part in a Miss Hitler beauty contest, a UK court has heard.

The Russian lower house has received a new bill suggesting up to 5 years in prison for revision the jewish-communist history or portraying NS leaders as heroes.

Five Ku Klux Klan members who were arrested at a violent melee in an Anaheim park were released from jail after a video showed they were acting in self-defense.

Donald Trump’s administration is reportedly pushing to erase "neo-Nazis and white supremacists" from the US government’s counter-extremism programme by moving it to focus exclusively on Islamist terrorism.

A federal magistrate in Virginia has denied bond to an accused National Socialist from Texas who prosecutors say was planning to report phony bomb threats to terrorize a number of targets including an unnamed former cabinet official, and a black church in Virginia.

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Bourgas has overturned a decision by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in the Bulgarian Black Sea city not to open pre-trial proceedings in connection with stickers depicting Hitler and swastikas found in April on judicial buildings.

Last week’s public action in Iceland was one of many milestones in the Nordic struggle for freedom. Here the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement discusses this and other groundbreaking activities.

I suppose it’s probably for the best if Stormers avoid the Douglas County area of Georgia for the immediate future, especially if any one of y’all are thinking about saying mean things to the local area wildlife.

There have been 217 attacks on invader centers in Germany this year already, according to an article in the Bild newspaper.

The German man is suspected of building a pipe-bomb containing mercury in small Bavarian town in February. Authorities believe he has connections with the nationalist Reichsbürger movement.

A mother in eastern Sweden who fought off six violent left-wing extremists who tried to break into her home has been awarded the Nordic Resistance Movement’s civil courage prize for her exemplary bravery.

Internal email obtained by CNN says "there is no room in the workplace for such symbols of hate".

Even though the number of murders in majority non-white London last week surpassed the entire death toll of 2017, the controlled media in Britain has had more to say about the conviction of three whites for “being racists” and buying a book available on Amazon UK.

A teenage National Socialist allegedly listed targets for a "terror attack" in his own guerrilla warfare manual, a court heard.

There was a record amount of "neo-Nazi activity" in Sweden during 2017, according to a new report by anti-racism foundation Expo.

Heath Campbell, 40, a National Socialist from New Jersey, had his newborn daughter, named Eva Braun, taken away by child services.

National Action, a National Socialist Youth activist group in the UK led by university students, is making some serious headway.

Belgian "Holocaust denier" Siegfried Verbeke was sentenced to six months in prison after a criminal court in Mechelen found him guilty for proclaiming "negationist theories".

Muslim terrorist attacks in Britain during 2017 killed 35 people, and seriously wounded another 377 — but establishment spokesman and the controlled media have been hysterically claiming that “neo-Nazis” are the true “threat”

Famous American European rights activist Dr. David Duke will run for office - in either Louisiana’s 1st congressional district, or in a statewide senate race.

YouTube has blacklisted the channel of Spain’s natioinalist Vox Party, in a move that will likely exacerbate claims that Google is actively suppressing right-leaning and conservative content.

A 71-year-old doctor from Austria has been sentenced to one year’s house arrest for "Holocaust denial".

Though prisoners commonly released after serving two-thirds of their sentence, court decides not to free Holocaust-sceptic Ursula Haverbeck, 91.

A left-wing Russian MP has submitted a bill introducing fines for the distribution of games that either allow playing as National Socialists or require "controversial action" by those playing as Red Army.

There were 2,219 attacks upon invader centers in Germany during 2017, an average of six per day, figures released by the Interior Ministry have claimed.

Hundreds of non-white invaders have fled their camp on the island of Chios after Greek patriots carried out a devastating retaliatory counterattack with Molotov cocktails and rocks.

A mother and father accused of membership of a banned patriotic group named their baby after Adolf Hitler, a court heard.

A top wanted National Socialist who escaped the wrath of the Nazi hunters has passed on to the other side, peacefully at the ripe and fine age of 93.

Ukraine's secret service is claiming to have stopped a National Socialist cell during its investigation into the distribution of the Christchurch shooters' manifesto.

Georgian police arrested the leader of the Nationalist Socialist Movement — National Unity of Georgia on Saturday for "illegal purchase, storing, and carrying of firearms".

A former Canadian Forces reservist and "accused neo-Nazi" has pleaded not guilty to charges linked to his role in an alleged plot to touch off a race war in the United States.

Ursula Haverbeck is know facing criminal hate speech charges after debating how many Jews died in the Holocaust on national television.

A former Marine who said at a protest that he would “slaughter” Antifa members in self-defense, if attacked, recently had his five weapons confiscated by the FBI, according to reports.

Someone posted stickers from the White Nationalist group Patriot Front in at least two locations in Peekskill, New York.

A town in Estonia unveiled a plaque honoring a Waffen SS officer, spurring outcry from the Jewish community.

An angel-faced "racist" video blogger has been banned from YouTube after a series of awesome videos uploaded to her channel.

An online holocaust event held by the Israeli embassy in Germany had to be suspended after "anti-Semitic trolls" disrupted the testimony of a so-called holocaust survivor in a case of what is being termed Zoom bombing.

A Northern California white national socialist convicted of killing a child molester has been sentenced to 26 years to life in prison.

Several interior ministers of various German states are demanding a ban on the patriotic Combat 18 group.

Luca Traini, 29, found guilty of "attempted massacre aggravated by racial motives" and illegal possession of a weapon

The German authorities have imposed a European-wide entry ban on the Russian National Socialist and martial artist Denis Kapustin, who is also known as “Denis Nikitin”.

Varg Vikernes has been slapped with a fine and suspended prison sentence for allegedly inciting "racial hatred" and "glorifying war crimes".

In Greece, the Golden Dawn Party has been denied radio air time by the state broadcaster. This with elections right around the corner.

Last year, a German offshoot of the U.S. White National Socialist group Atomwaffen Division announced its existence to the world with an awesome video declaring National Socialism is alive.

Many of the 2,500-odd spectators at a bullfighting match in the Madrid suburb of Pinto were surprised to discover glaring "neo-Nazi graffiti" spray-painted across the walls of the local arena.

John William King, one of the men behind a famous hate crime in the US, is put to death by lethal injection in Texas.

Senate appropriators included in their $695 billion defense spending plan for fiscal 2020 a mandate for military officials to more closely track and respond to incidents of "white supremacy and pro-Nazi activity" in the ranks, which lawmakers have labeled a "growing concern" for the services.

“In the Fade” is a film chronicling the rarely discussed reality of neo-Nazi extremism in Germany, and it is getting rave reviews.

Around 3,000 angry white British people turned out at London’s Speaker’s Corner last weekend - and tens of thousands more listened online - to hear famous UK activist Tommy Robinson read out a pro-European speech that was supposed to have been delivered by the founder of Generation Identity, Martin Sellner.

Angela Merkel is a traitor and should be executed for deliberately helping flood Germany with third world Moslem rapists and terrorists.

A new poll has seen the light of publicity, this one was published by MRB.

The jury in the trial of four people alleged to have been members of the banned "neo-Nazi terrorist group" National Action has been discharged after failing to reach verdicts.

Here we have an extremely attractive, and intelligent, young Polish woman, who speaks of her journey into the rapidly rising far-right political movement in her struggling nation. 

An attempt by a Jew in the ruling far-left Italian “Democratic Party” (PD) to make the possession of pictures of Benito Mussolini has failed after that country’s parliament was dissolved without finalizing the law.

One of Thailand's most popular girl groups has been forced to apologise after one of its singers wore a shirt emblazoned with a swastika during a televised performance.

Two members of the National Socialist Movement and an unaffiliated associate did Kentucky a huge favor by ridding them of a scumbag heroin dealer.

Tommy Robinson was sentenced to nine months in jail because he live streamed himself covering a trial of some Moslems who raped kids.

To coincide with the onset of the spring school term in Sweden, the Nordic Resistance Movement has started carrying out activities aimed at high schools around the country.

German police arrested two Chinese tourists for making illegal "Heil Hitler" salutes in front of the historic Reichstag building that houses the German parliament.

Jews in Liverpool are very unhappy about an upcoming White Man March slated to be held on August 15th.

French Jews reacted with fury after the Paris public prosecutor overturned a historic decision reached last month to sentence one of the country’s "most notorious Holocaust deniers" to a year in jail.

The NPD is the only true nationalist party in Germany. Since they stand in the way of Angela Merkel’s attempt to genocide the German people through her engineered invasion, she is seeking to ban them.

The FBI has arrested the leader of the nationalist California group Rise Above Movement on a "federal conspiracy charge" after he apparently fled to Central America earlier this month.

Sylvia Stolz, the former defence attorney for Ernst Zundel has been convicted today in a Munich court, once again under the tyrannical BRD laws concerning so-called “holocaust denial” and thereby “inciting racial hatred”. 

A teenage National Socialist who wrote about an inevitable race war in his diary and identified a series of possible targets has been convicted of preparing "terrorist acts".

Gerd Honsik, an Austrian author who was considered a leading ideologue in Europe's "neo-Nazi" movement, has died at 76.

A white nationalist charged with killing a gay supervisor at a community college said he did so because he hates homosexuality.

Bloomingdale resident Jeffrey Raphael Clark, who has previously described himself as a National Socialist, will be released from custody after pleading guilty to a federal gun charge and receiving a sentence of time served in court.

A National Socialist group has published an online threat to kill Chief Constable of West Midlands Police Dave Thompson.

Diversity police are up in arms after 1,000 homes in the city of Brampton received flyers which said the dwindling “European” population was a result of “White Genocide“.

“Freedom is a European concept, and it shows – if you think the Canada of today will be the Canada of tomorrow, think again.” the flyer says. “They’ll ask you why you didn’t stand on guard”.

A top racist hater from Montana is recruiting for a new multicultural Ku Klux Klan.

The pro-National Socialist/Fascist “People’s Party — Our Slovakia,” known by its initials LSNS, is now the fourth strongest party in the Slovakian parliament.

A Virginia state judge on Monday sentenced James Alex Fields Jr to a second life prison term for killing an antifascist woman when he drove his car into a crowd protesting against White Nationalists in Charlottesville two years ago.

German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich told Die Welt newspaper that, 110 national socialists "who should be in jail" were missing – living in hiding somewhere in the Zionist Occupied Germany.

Unusual face-off happening in ballot to be mayor in Andes town of Yungar. Hitler is to stand against Lenin in an election in Peru.

Support for nationalist and populist parties is continuing to grow throughout Europe.

The leader of Germany’s anti-Islamisation movement stepped down after a picture emerged of him sporting a Hitler-style haircut and moustache, along with racist slurs he posted on Facebook. 

An entire class of about 30 german school children, aged 14 to 15, in a German school near Leipzig are under investigation after they were suspected of using National Socialist slogans and phrases. 

Representatives from all 16 of Germany’s states have voted to cut state funding for the country’s longest-established nationalist group.

An image of a Ku Klux Klan member pointed out from the paper at the 22-year-old IU student, a reference to the Uncle Sam recruiting poster. In bold letters, it read: "Honorable Sacred Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Neighborhood Watch."

Dozens of Democratic lawmakers pressed the State Department to designate three white national socialist groups as "foreign terrorist organizations", arguing that reclassification could help the U.S. seriously confront the "escalating crisis of white extremist violence".

ON HER Facebook page, Alberta, Canada resident Monika Schaefer lists herself as a self-employed violin instructor.

National Socialist Youth in Germany are receiving "combat training" in Russia, a German news magazine has reported. Officials say they cannot prevent them from going.

This poor bastard is going to jail for protesting rape gangs and the government ordered a complete media blackout on his arrest and sentence inside of Britain.

A former priest involved in Poland’s nationalist movement has been indicted on "hate speech" and "holocaust denial" charges.

The Brussels-imposed puppet government of Italy moved to deny Italy’s increasingly angry voters the right to choose a party which would end the crucifixion of their country.

The global censor World Jewish Congress demanded that Amazon.com remove from its website books that "deny the Holocaust and promote anti-Semitism and white supremacy".

A New Mexico cafe owner is closing shop following backlash to a Facebook post full of “antisemitic” comments about Israel’s brutal treatment of the Palestinians, and his jewish landlord’s alleged shady business dealings.

A Southern California school district is reopening an investigation into video showing students giving a National Socialist salute, with one official saying unspecified new photos and video have emerged.

Germany is banning the National Socialist group Combat 18 Deutschland in what the country’s top security official said was a "clear message" against patriotism and rising Jew-hatred.

Swedish National Socialists salutes Adolf Hitler with a banner in Stockholm Sweden on his birthday anniversary.

At a university in South Africa, someone put up pictures of Adolf Hitler on buildings across campus.

A French court fined and gave a suspended prison sentence to a man who disseminated a picture of a "quasi-Nazi" salute being performed at a Jewish school.

A new poll which also reveals growing support for the nation's nationalist Sweden Democrats.

PayPal censored an account used to raise funds by one of the US's largest white nationalist groups six days after it was first flagged by an anti-white campaigner.

 A court has ruled that a teenage girl, the daughter of a state trooper, did nothing wrong when she dressed up like Hitler and posted the pictures on Twitter, then joked about bombing Jews.

On April 14th in Norfolk, Va. There was a violent mob attack in which two WAVT TV 10 reporters were violently beaten in the street by a mob of Black youths.

In recent months, a street movement called Pegida—Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident—has emerged from nowhere in Germany.

A father who named his baby after Hitler and is accused of being a "fanatical neo-Nazi terrorist group member" vowed to continue the fight despite it being outlawed, a court heard.


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