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A Dutch tourist has been detained in Poland for giving the National Socialist salute at the site of the former Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, local police say.

A former British student who was given a suspended prison sentence and told to read classic literature after being convicted of a "terrorism offence" has now been jailed.

Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian man behind the 2011 massacre of leftists in the Island of Utøya, gave a National Socialist salute in court during a parole hearing to decide if he should be released after serving 10 years behind bars.

The local Jews in Rome on Tuesday strongly condemned as “offensive and unacceptable” a funeral procession outside a local church in which the casket was draped in a swastika flag and mourners gave the fascist salute.

A Washington Atomwaffen Division activist was sentenced to 84 months, or seven years, in prison for “threaten and intimidate journalists and advocates who worked to expose anti-Semitism”.

A first-instance court in the Czech Republic found the Bodyart Press publishing house and its CEO, Hedvika Fiksová, guilty of felony “denying, impugning, approving of and/or attempting to justify genocide”.

A patriotic German Reichsbürger who denied the so-called “Holocaust” and allegedly called for the murder of Jews went on trial in Zionist Occupied Germany, charged with sedition and violation of gun laws.

Police in eastern Germany said that a call from an intoxicated man led them to a “stash of weapons” and an “altar-like collection” of National Socialist memorabilia including pictures of Adolf Hitler.

A new entry in the Associated Press' series chronicling the purported heroism of Joseph Moore, a 10 year FBI informant who infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan, was published yesterday with an accompanying video.

Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) says it has arrested suspected members of a Ukrainian National Socialist group.

Swastika-branded Christmas tree ornaments and other items with National Socialist symbols or photos of Adolf Hitler are among items seized by police in an eight-hour raid at a residential building in Zwickau, in the eastern German state of Saxony.

One of Britain's most popular anti-Semitic video streamers was jailed for four years yesterday after admitting “inciting racial hatred”.

Austrian anti-terrorism police arrested a man and his wife for possession of a huge arsenal of weapons, over a ton of ammunition and a variety of National Socialist memorabilia.

A gay bar in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv was attacked after a patriotic group on social media said it would begin targeting "drug dens," which means LGBTQ+ supremacists in local slang.

A patriotic British youth was convicted under UK terror laws for acting as head of propaganda for a banned National Socialist group.

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