German police have arrested five patriots on terrorism charges in a series of raids aimed at an organization accused of attacking invader centers in the eastern part of Germany.

(The New Observer)

The “Freital Group” (Gruppe Freital), stands accused of being behind at least three confirmed bombings of invader centers, with plans to commit many more.

According to an official police press statement, the arrested people—four men and a woman—are accused of having formed the organization in July 2015.

The police investigation claims that it “was the aim of the organization to commit bomb attacks on asylum seekers’ accommodation and the housing projects of political dissidents.”

To this end, the police said, the group acquired hundreds of pyrotechnic explosive devices of different types from the Czech Republic.

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So far, the group has only been accused of three specific attacks, although, the police statement said, investigations are proceeding and it is not ruled out that other attacks may be linked to them.

According to the statement, the three attacks specifically named were:

– An attack on the night of September 19, 2015, when an explosion was set off at an invader center in Freital.

– An attack on the night of October 18, 2015, when explosives were set off in an invader housing project in Dresden.

-An attack on the night of October 31 on an invader center in Freital in which windows were shattered.

More than two hundred special federal police forces raided a series of apartments in Freital early on Tuesday.

The five suspects aged between 24 and 39—who have only been identified by their first names and last initials—are being charged with attempted murder, assault, causing an explosion, and property damage.

The frequency of attacks upon invader centers has continued to rise, although the controlled media is under orders not to report such incidents anymore.




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