Famous American European rights activist Dr. David Duke will run for office - in either Louisiana’s 1st congressional district, or in a statewide senate race.


(New Obsever Online)

“The district is one in which I have previously polled very well in other elections,” he said, pointing that he has carried it a number of times, including in previous senator and governor races.

“I was elected chairman of the St. Tammany Republican Parish Committee, the largest such committee in the district, in an election at large among Republican members,” he continued.

Asked about the issues upon which he will campaign, Dr. Duke said that he “will address all the issues that Donald Trump is not talking about.

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“I will confront the major issue of the day—namely the demographic ethnic cleansing of European Americans,” he said.

“I will address the hate speech and the war being waged on European Americans by the media and their allies. This is the real racism in America,” Dr. Duke said.

Trump, Dr. Duke said, was “far too moderate” and although he had raised the issue of illegal immigration, this was not addressing the real issue.

“Illegal immigration must and can be stopped,” Dr. Duke said, echoing Trump, but then adding: “If needs be, our troops must be brought home to patrol the border—but halting illegal immigration alone will not stop the ethnic cleansing of European Americans which is already underway,” he said.

“If elected, I will introduce a bill to repeal the 1965 Immigration Act, which is nothing less than a discriminatory policy designed to deliberately ethnically cleanse European people from this nation for which our forefathers fought,” he said.

Furthermore, he would also introduce a bill to outlaw “affirmative action,” which he said was nothing but “anti-European racism.”

Other issues he will address during the campaign will include the need for anti-trust laws to break up media conglomerates, political electoral reform to outlaw discrimination on the basis of political beliefs, and laws to prevent social media from censoring anyone based on their political positions.

“We need to get rid of all the Political Action Committees, and the special interest groups which dominate our political processes,” he added.

In addition, Dr. Duke said, he would seek a reversal of the “insane” US foreign policy which has created figures such as Osama Bin Laden, and which has directly led to the rise of ISIS (an organization which has sprung out of the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq).

Dr. Duke expressed confidence that his campaign was “certainly doable.”

“There are a lot of things working for us this time that we have never had before in any other election campaign,” he said.

“We have the Internet and social media to get our message directly to the voters, instead of having to rely on what the media decides to tell them about us,” he said.

As an example, he revealed that even though he had only started on Twitter a few months ago, he had already had over 1.7 million impressions, and his Facebook reach was equally large.

“We have the ability now to reach a lot of people that we never had before,” Dr. Duke said.

“My name recognition is now higher than ever; I am sure that this campaign is going to energize not just politics in America, but worldwide. This could be one of the most closely followed elections in the world!”

Dr. Duke is always referred to as an “ex-Klansman” in the controlled media—even though he left that organization nearly four decades ago. Asked about how he would counteract the inevitable attacks which will follow, he said that this new campaign would be a “no apology tour.”

“Was I in the Klan? Yes, four decades ago, as a youngster in a totally nonviolent organization. So what?

“I resigned, moved on, was elected to office as a state representative. I obtained a Ph.D., and have been involved with any number of political movements and parties since then, been the author of several worldwide best-selling books, and lectured at colleges worldwide, including in non-European nations. I have proven that there is not a hateful bone in my body.

“I will not apologize for the fact that as a young man, I recognized that European Americans were being ethnically cleansed from this country, and that I tried to do something about it,” Dr. Duke said.

“The truth remains that if elected, I’d be the only person in Congress openly defending the rights and the heritage of European Americans. What is so terrible about that?”

Pointing to the existence of organizations such as the Black Congressional Caucus and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Dr. Duke said no one accused them of being “racist,” so if anyone accused him of racism for standing up for the rights of European Americans, he was sure that the public would see the double standard.

“We have social media and the Internet which today puts me on an even footing with the media. The truth will get out there, and the media will not be able to demonize me as before.

“There are millions of people across the country who would like to have me in the Congress. There are no more defenses, and we are on the offensive as from today. Things are changing in this country. We are in a revolutionary spirit.”

* In 1989, Dr. Duke was elected as a Republican State Representative for the 81st Representative District in Suburban New Orleans with 51 percent of the vote.

In 1990, he polled 607,091 votes in a race for the US Senate in which he came second, and in 1991, he also came second in a race for governor of Louisiana, where he polled 671,009 votes.

In 1999, he polled 28,059 votes in a race for US Representative in Louisiana’s 1st Congressional District—an impressive total when compared to the winner who only polled some 8,000 votes more.




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