“In the Fade” is a film chronicling the rarely discussed reality of neo-Nazi extremism in Germany, and it is getting rave reviews.

(Daily Stormer)

German racists routinely run immigrants over in trucks, kick old Turkish ladies down the stairs, and groups of skinheads grope Hijabis for sport. The German government refuses to confront this issue. It is all part of an official campaign, let by “Das Fuhrer Merkel” to avoid atoning for the 6,000,000,000,000,000.

The movie is about a Turkish drug dealer with a giant hooked nose who is murdered by racists in St. Pauli, Hamburg (this is a notoriously Leftist and multi-cultural neighborhood). The story focuses on his spouse, a German woman, who is also an empowered feminist that will stalk the killers until she has her vengeance. Women in Germany are taught by television, universities and movies to mock, hate and betray men, but this doesn’t apply when the man in question is an Oriental alien.

The Greek political party Golden Dawn makes a cameo appearance when a member provides the killers of this Turk with an alibi to the police. The same people who tell you not to blame all invaders for terrorism or a 500% increase in rape will expect you to blame real life European nationalists for a fictional hate crime in a movie.

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The Nazis’ defense lawyer is also portrayed as a villain. In Germany, lawyers get thrown in prison along with their client if the Jews dislike who they’re defending.

Dail Mail:

Diane Kruger is set to get a permanent piece of body art after losing a bet to her In The Fade director Fatih Akin.

Apparently the actress was so sure the dark revenge flick wouldn’t make it to Cannes, let alone get an award, she bet the German filmmaker she’d get a ‘traditional anchor tattoo’ if the film went all the way, the filmmaker told AFP.

The 40-year-old star was proved fabulously wrong when the film dazzled at the French festival this week, even earning Kruger a Best Actress honor for her performance.

In the Hamburg, Germany set film Diane plays a tough-as-nails mom who’s ditched a past of crime for family life with her husband and son.

But her world is tossed into chaos after her family is killed in a bomb attack by Neo-Nazi terrorists.

Devastated by their deaths, Katja then goes on a mission to avenge her loved ones.

This is the kind of garbage they pump into the heads of Germans. It is largely aimed at women due to their inability to independently reason.

As for the Cannes Film Festival, it is an occasion where Jews in the movie business give one another lots of awards. The Turkish director was confident in the film getting put to the top of the pile because the political message – not the plot, dialog, acting or direction – is exactly what Jews are looking for. Artistic awards in the West are given based on ideological affirmation.

Though a portion of women will eat this film up, it almost goes too far – it is too much of a direct inversion of reality for anyone with an ounce of personal awareness to take seriously.

Outside of the Merkel regime’s most loyal apparatchiks and sycophants, ham-fisted in-your-face anti-white propaganda like this can only make the average man angrier.

Or maybe they’re so arrested by fear, they will sit and take another lecture on morality, tolerance and human rights…from a Turk!




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