On May 2nd, 2012, Jason Todd Ready is among five people who were shot and killed at a home located in Gilbert, Arizona. 

Police believe it is a murder-suicide, with Ready allegedly shooting the victims, then turning the gun on himself. But the white nationalist community is split on whether it was a murder-suicide or a cartel hit.

Ready was a former Marine who headed up the U.S. Border Guard, a militia-style group that routinely performed armed patrols in the southern Arizona desert. They conducted themselves in a scrupulously legal faction, interacting regularly with Border Patrol officials. Upon encountering illegal aliens, they would detain them, but give them food and water if needed before turning them over to immigration officials.

More recently, Ready was a candidate in this fall's election for Pinal County Sheriff, and had run unsuccessfully for other public offices previously, including the Mesa City Council in 2006.

Ready is also the leader of the US Border Guards who hunts down illegal immigrants in the Arizona desert.

He is a former leader of the Arizona Socialist movement, a white national socialist group. He was a featured speaker at many NS-rallies. Ready was once a member of the National Socialist Movement, but left the organization in 2010.

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J.T. Ready was also once a political protege of former Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce. In fact, Pearce, who is Mormon, was present at the baptism of Ready into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 2003. Ready has since lost interest in Mormonism, but it's not known if he's still on the membership rolls. When Ready joined the National Socialist Movement, Pearce began to distance himself from Ready, but it didn't help Pearce in his recall election in 2011 as he was still defeated by an another Mormon, Jerry Lewis.

Groups favoring illegal immigration were instrumental in Pearce's defeat. Russell Pearce has now issued a statement condemning the shooting, explaining that Ready was once a good and decent person whose heart changed and who allowed darkness to take his life over when he began to associate with the more despicable groups in society.

JT Ready’s final Facebook post was:

“Lets face it – we are it. SEALs and SF are not stepping up to the plate to train American patriots to defend their homeland. We have traitors in office, an apathetic population, hostile media, narco-terrorists, cartel invasion, narco-insurgency, street gangs the size of armies, vicious prison gangs – if not fight back now while we have a chance then when? The decent patriots will arise and take the helm if we lead the way. Long live the Republic!”




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