John Taylor Bowles, the official lobbyist for the American Nazi Party, gave a seminar on national socialism to students at a high school in Ohio for the fourth year in a row, and by all accounts, it was well-received.

Bowles has been criticized in the past for not revealing the name of the high school, but considering what just happened in Tinley Park, Illinois, it is prudent that the high school not be named. The unnamed high school deserves kudos for its determination to give its students a complete education and its refusal to chain itself to popular stereotypes.

 The story of Bowles appearance is scattered among three different posts on NS Acumen of the Old Guard:

-- "American Nazi Party Lobbyist To Congress Addressed High School Students On May 8, 2012!": Introductory.

-- "American Nazi Party In The Classroom!": Bowles discusses how he used George Lincoln Rockwell's book "White Power" to explain the national socialist worldview on the laws of nature. The laws of nature discussed included biological integrity, territory, leadership, status, and motherhood.

-- "White Students Adamantly Choose American Nazi Party Over NSM/Skinheads!": Bowles offers more detail on his discussion with the students. Not only did he continue to instruct them on the principles of national socialism, but he also discussed those within the pro-White movement who are primarily misfits using white nationalism as protective cover for personal hooliganism and financial opportunism. Bowles sought to inculcate within the minds of the students that it is the bad examples who get the bulk of the mainstream media publicity, and who, as a result, are mistakenly considered by the general population to be representative of the pro-White movement. Student feedback published by Bowles indicates he succeeded in his mission; here's an example:

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"John presented his views much different than the way Bill Riccio were portrayed in the video we watched. Riccio tends to use violence and manipulation, preying on young men in poor social and economic situations. John, on the other hand, presents his views in a non-violent, logical way. Although people may not agree with his views, he presents them calmly. His solution seems to be working through the System as much as possible, electing members of his own party to office. I agree with John in the sense that our government is failing to provide for its citizens."

The students apparently had watched a video featuring Bill Riccio before the presentation. Riccio is a former leader in the American white power skinhead movement who gained public notoriety for his appearance in the 1992 documentary "Skinheads: Soldiers of the Race War" (45-minute video on YouTube). He has been convicted numerous times on illegal weapon possession, the most recent of which was in 1992. He has no known role in the WN movement at present.John Taylor Bowles also reports that for the first time in four years, some of the students offered handshakes at the end of the presentation. Unlike most lobbyists, Bowles does not draw down a six-figure sinecure, so this was a serious investment of time and resources on his part.

ANP Chairman Rocky Suhayda also participates in the student education process. In the May 17th ANP report, he answers a series of questions from a high school student, effectively dispelling the standard myths about national socialism. The ANP also announces the new ANP Outreach blog, which is their first second Wordpress platform. This is a good backup in case Blogger goes on the warpath and deletes the ANP's Blogger resources.




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