The French Interior Ministry has announced the deployment of troops to “protect the integrity” of its Alpine border with Italy after a dramatic demonstration by the Generation Identity (GI) organization.

(The New Observer)

The action involved hundreds of activists, aircraft and a standoff with an anti-white group involved in smuggling nonwhite invaders into France through the previously unprotected border. 

According to GI - the same organization which earlier deployed an anti-invasion ship which helped bring an end to the fake charity ships deployment which aided the African invasion of Europe from North Africa- the previously unprotected border crossing high in the Alps was regularly being used by invaders and their helpers to cross into France from Italy.

The action started over the past weekend, when about 200 activists occupied the Col de l’Echelle mountain pass in the Hautes-Alpes region of France.

After setting up a plastic orange building-site fence, representing a “symbolic frontier” on the most-commonly used approach by the nonwhite invaders, the GI activists put up a giant banner on the mountainside informing the invaders that they had now closed the border.

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The group made up of French, Italian, Hungarian, Danish, Austrian, British and German activists, then distributed leaflets on the Italian side of the border to make clear that the crossing was closed and that the invaders had to return home.

They also put two helicopters and a fixed-wing aircraft into operation to help spot the invaders, led by the anti-white “Tous Migrants” group.

On Sunday, the nonwhite invaders and their helpers marched on the border, as several hundred French police were deployed to prevent them attacking the GI activists. With the aid of the police, the invaders—reduced to about 30 in number—reached France.

The remaining GI members wrapped up their campaign by Sunday afternoon, Romain Espino, a spokesman for the group, said that the organization will “continue to patrol” the region throughout the coming week, focusing on “various roads known to be smuggling [routes]. The mission is a success, we managed to attract media and political attention to the Col de l’Echelle,” Espino said.

In reaction to the disturbance, France’s Interior Minister Gérard Collomb announced additional “reinforcements of police and gendarmerie” to the Hautes-Alpes to “ensure absolute respect of the border control.”




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