The famous elderly German patriot Ursula Haverbeck has been arrested and sent to prison.

(Daily Mail)

She was picked up at her home in the town of Vlotho in central Germany, after a five-day manhunt, authorities said.

Haverbeck, nicknamed "The Nazi Grandma" in the jewish-liberal media, had been sentenced to two years in jail for "denying the Holocaust", a crime in Germany, but failed to turn up to prison on time.

When police went to retrieve the elderly grandmother, they found that her house was empty and her car was missing, and began a search for her.

It was not immediately clear when Haverbeck returned home, where police found her on Monday.

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She was arrested by Herford police and immediately transferred to a correctional facility where she is now beginning her sentence.

Haverbeck is a famous nationalist who was once chairwoman of a patriotic training centre shut down in 2008 for spreading "Nazi propaganda".

She had also appeared on television to declare that "the Holocaust is the biggest and most sustainable lie in history".

Haverbeck has been convicted of Holocaust denial several times, but had avoided prison due to lengthy appeals.

Her most recent conviction came after she published an article in a nationalist magazine in which she argued that Auschwitz was a labour camp and not the death camp.

Haverbeck's lawyer argued that what she wrote was covered by the country's free speech laws but she was convicted of incitement and sentenced in September.

Her husband Werner Georg Haverbeck, had a position in the Nazi's national leadership during World War II and after the war, the couple openly preached their National Socialist views maintaining close ties to several NS groups.

Even after her husband died in 1999, Ursula continued to hold and preach these views, even meeting famous National Socialists such as Horst Mahler.

There was careful deliberation over whether Haverbeck was physically fit enough to endure two years in jail but last week the state prosecutor's office wrote to her saying she should report to prison to start her sentence on 2nd May.

It is not known where she hid for the five days up to her arrest on Monday.




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