A nationalist protester has been convicted of "hate speech" for illegally giving the stiff-armed National Socialist salute at a rally in the eastern German town of Chemnitz, reported Deutsche-Welle.

(Huffington Post)

The 33-year-old protester was sentenced to an eight-month suspended sentence with three years probation and fined $2,300 for "hate speech" and attempted assault of a law enforcement officer who’d approached him after he gave the NS salute. Prosecutors had sought a one-year sentence, according to Agence France Presse.

Early this month, the nationalist Alternative for Germany (AfD) Party and the Pegida street movement staged a series of anti-immigrant protests, some of which erupted into the best far-right German resistance in decades, Reuters reports.

The protests began in late August after a Syrian and Iraqi migrant stabbed a German man to death in Chemnitz. Those protests triggered others, as well as counter-protests, and several people have been injured in clashes.

Haunted by its National Socialist past, Zionist Occupied Germany has strictly prohibited the NS salute, swastikas and other patriotic symbols in public, labeling them "hate speech". People can face up to three years in prison for breaking the law.

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“There were a couple of aggressive idiots among the demonstrators who were yelling ‘foreigners out’ and who gave the Hitler salute, nobody disputes that,” AfD leader Alexander Gauland said, according to the Times of Israel. But he said it was a “minority” that shouldn’t be used to “delegitimize” the protests.

Martin Schulz, a Social Democrat, said Gauland’s comments were reminiscent of the NS era. “Similar rhetoric has been heard in this house before,” he said.

The Chemnitz district court is fast-tracking criminal hearings for those charged with violating "hate speech" laws. Another trial is set for Friday.

Intriguingly, an anti-patriot art exhibit in Chemnitz, titled “The Wolves Are Back,” features 10 vicious-looking bronze wolves giving the National Socialst salute. Artist Rainer Opolka says the work is intended to protest the "growing hatred" in Chemnitz.

The wolves are stationed in front of Chemnitz’s downtown Karl Marx statue, along with signs describing "right-wing extremism" as "the mother of all problems," the BBC reported.

The wolves have also been displayed in Berlin, Dresden and outside a court in Munich where, in July, a nationalist woman was found guilty of 10 "racially motivated" murders.




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