Former Neo-Nazi Bill White Sentenced To 42 More Months In Prison Over Matt Hale Juror Solicitation Case; May Face Another Trial In Roanoke.

On February 20th, 2013, the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois announced that former American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) Commander Bill White was sentenced to an additional 42 months in prison for soliciting violence to the foreman of a federal jury in Chicago that convicted another white racialist, Matthew Hale, in 2004.

White stood trial in Chicago in January 2011 and was convicted by a jury of one count of solicitation after prosecutors successfully convinced them that White had used his now-defunct website to solicit violence against the jury foreman, Mark Hoffman, who White had exposed as a gay Jew in a relationship with a black male. Media stories published by WDBJ Channel 7 in Roanoke and the Roanoke Times.

Judge Lynn Adelman, who was assigned to preside over the case in U.S. District Court in Chicago, ordered White to serve the sentence consecutively to all but a little more than a month remaining on a federal sentence that White is currently serving for making threats to other victims and intimidating a witness in Virginia. White’s prior sentence totaled 43 months and is scheduled to end in early April 2013.

Initially, Judge Adelman dismissed the 2008 indictment against White, but a federal appeals court in Chicago reinstated the solicitation charge in 2010. After White’s trial in January 2011, the judge overturned the jury’s guilty verdict, but the government appealed and White’s conviction was reinstated, leading to the new sentence. White’s prior sentence stemmed from a December 2009 trial conviction by a federal jury in Roanoke.

Prior to sentencing, White addressed the court, apologizing for having created the situation that resulted in the trial, and saying he never believed or intended that any harm would come to Mark Hoffman as a result of his words. White also said that in December 2002, when he received a copy of Matt Hale's e-mail declaring war on Joan Lefkow, his immediate response — the one the agent didn’t detail — was to tell Hale to retract his statement and leave Joan Lefkow alone. White added that he has abandoned any sort of political activity, and as a result of his imprisonment, he lost his marriage and business, and spent the year he was released working without a profit to help those who invested in his business to recover as much as possible. He also spent that year living quietly in the mountains, focused on raising his now five-year old daughter. On that basis, White asked that the court grant him a fully concurrent sentence of time served and let him get back to my family.

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Obviously, his pleas didn't sway the judge.

Meanwhile, Bill White still faces more legal action in the future. On February 7th, the feds announced that they had indicted White for sending threatening e-mails to his ex-wife in May and June 2012, not long after he jumped parole and fled to Mexico. White was angry at the woman because she had stopped sending him alimony payments privately agreed upon between the two. In one of the e-mails, White allegedly wrote “I would strongly recommend that you have the $500 when you are contacted — or you will probably be hospitalized”. White told the editor of Bill White Trial “I didn’t send it, and they can’t prove I did!” As of this post, no trial date has been sent.

Reaction: A discussion thread has just surfaced on the Vanguard News Network Forum. On February 10th, Harold Covington sounded off about the upcoming case in Roanoke:

No one, not even his most rabid persecutor in the Justice Department or the FBI, has ever claimed that Bill White has ever actually harmed anyone or seriously contemplated it. Basically, it now seems to have boiled down to pure primitive rage against a White male who will not do as he is told, stay off the internet, and who will not be quiet.

The United States government is absolutely determined to make sure that this man spends many years in prison for the crime of refusing to shut up when he was told to do so during the 2008 election and because when he came out the first time he hit the keyboard running and has produced a number of articles and books, mostly on esoteric subjects, but still, he's not supposed to be writing any books or articles at all. He's supposed to have crawled under the porch shaking and sobbing for mercy by now. White was supposed to break, God dammit! He didn't, and it's driving the lawyers and the secret police into a homicidal rage.

Covington is absolutely right. The feds are determined to bury this guy as an object example to other prospective white activists. However, the feds are making a fatal mistake in also targeting gun owners, and that may prove to be Uncle Sam's Achilles heel.

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