Since Tommy Robinson was convicted for defying court order, Facebook introduced a ban about Robinson – all sharings of links regarding the “dangerous person”, would result in closed accounts.

(Voice of Europe)

In Sweden, it is enough to write his name on the social media platform to become banned for as long as up to 30 days.

One who published a Facebook note about Tommy Robinson, was journalist Ingrid Carlqvist, editor for the podcast Ingrid and Maria. Carlqvist wrote that she unfortunately did not believe that Donald Trump would grant asylum for Robinson, due to the close US-UK relations.

“I’ve said it before, but now I am hard as rock about leaving Facebook. However, I can’t delete my account yet, it is untouchable, so I have to wait for 30 days”, Ingrid Carlqvist says adding that she is fed up by the social media giant.

“The reason of not quitting my account so far, is that you still reach a lot of people trough Facebook. I have 5.000 friends and 10.000 followers or something like that. But, I no longer want to support this disgusting organisation, and it is not only for their closings of so many people’s accounts for mentioning Tommy Robinson, they have also decided that Paul Joseph Watson is considered a dangerous person why they don’t act against threats against him.”

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Writing the name is enough

Facebook user and opinion maker Johan Widén, wanted to test the ban and wrote Robinson’s name in an update without adding a link to his text – and boom – he was also out.

“It is not only a reputation, it’s completely true,” Widén laughs.

“If you write a certain name combination consisting of first name and surname, you’re out. It took them 47 minutes from publishing to the closing of my account. Freedom of speech and the right to opinions only exist in our fantasies,” he says.

Johan Widén was however fortunate enough to get away with eight days behind the Facebook bars for his text, and uses his spare account in the meantime.

Danish News site closed for reporting

Closed was also the Danish news site document.dk for sharing a story about Tommy Robinson, which expressed concern that he might end up killed in prison. The site got lucky, it only got punished for 24 hours lockout by Facebook. The social media giant is however, now on the hunt for conservative pages of all sorts, including one of the largest pages in Sweden, Politikfakta, which criticise the currant migration policies or Islam.

News site reports Facebook to the Police

Widar Nord, editor at the alternative news site Fria Tider, recently reported Facebook to the Police for breaking the Swedish BBS law, which stipulates that owners of digital platforms must ensure that people are not threatened to life, which happened in the case of Paul Joseph Watson.

“Facebook has recently introduced a Swedish policy stipulating that the IT-giant will ignore all death threats or posts which might lead to real deaths if the victim is leader or “prominent member in a hate-organisation or is included in the company’s list of dangerous people”. This Swedish policy means that Facebook intentionally is ignorant to their obligations to erase threats and agitation according to 5§ law about electronic bulletin boards,” Widar Nord writes in his column.




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