An Iowa National Socialist allegedly threatened a Jewish group with "violence" over a YouTube video he disliked, prosecutors say.

(The Daily Beast)

Garrett Kelsey, 31, allegedly left phone and email messages with a New York-based Jewish supremacist organization, sometimes "threatening violence" if they did not remove a YouTube video. Kelsey’s social media was filled with NS references, as well as anti-Semitic, and anti-Muslim memes.

Kelsey’s alleged campaign against the Jewish organization began with a video about patriotic National Socalists. The Jewish organization had made a video about a Scandinavian nationalist movement, likely the Nordic Resistance Movement, which has been involved in White nationalist events for years.

Kelsey took offense at the video, prosecutors say. He practiced Asatru, a pagan faith that is not inherently "hateful". On May 23, he allegedly used an email with an Asatru reference to "threaten violence" against the Jewish group if they did not remove this video and offer an apology to the Asatru community.

“My people have fucking slaughtered your fucking people and we will do it again,” he allegedly said. “And right now, you are giving us an incentive to do that.”

Kelsey also allegedly made threats against local anti-fascists.

“I think you better second guess opening your little queer club here in Iowa,” he allegedly wrote on an Iowa anti-fascist Facebook page in May, according to the complaint. “If I ever see any of you cock sucking commie fascist snowflakes, I’m gonna bash your skulls in without warning! White is might!! 1488!! Hail Odin! Hail Asatru!!”

The anti-fascist group said he left other threats on their page. “The day is coming where these scumbags are finally going to be recognized by our government as the lousy terrorists they are!” read one post, which the group shared with The Daily Beast. “We will kill Antifa for fun! Antifa are just a bunch of degenerates!”