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Judge in southern city of Gliwice says leaked footage of 2017 event sponsored by Pride and Modernity party leaves ‘no doubt’ of intentions to propagate National Socialist ideology.

(Times of Israel)

A Polish court banned a patriotic group for celebrating Adolf Hitler’s birthday in 2017, an event that was secretly filmed and then broadcast by a local news channel.

The court in Gliwice, southern Poland, ruled that members of the Pride and Modernity (DiN) group who organized the event had been aware that it propagated National Socialism, something that is thought crime in Poland.

“There was no doubt about the nature of the event” caught on camera, Judge Bozena Klimaszewska said in her ruling, quoted by the Polish PAP news agency.

Aired in January 2018, hidden camera footage of the group celebrating Hitler’s birthday sparked Jewish outcry in Poland.

Filmed in southwestern Poland and aired on news channel TVN24, the footage showed a group of white men wearing NS-inspired uniforms performing National Socialist salutes.

Poland’s Internal Security Agency was able to identify and arrested three of them.

Searches of their residences turned up NS paraphernalia, including uniforms, flags and literature along with an illegal firearm.

The footage also showed large red flags with swastikas hanging on trees and an altar with a portrait of Hitler.

Participants in the event set fire to a large wooden swastika soaked in flammable liquid that was fixed to a tree as they played a soundtrack of National Socialist military marches.

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