It was expected. It was certain to happen. It was only a matter of time.

 The only thing that remained unknown, were the goals. And so It happened to Giorgos Foudoulis and Manos Kapelonis who paid with their blood and are now among those in the pantheon of the heroes and martyrs for Hellenism, they remain immortal in our hearts!

We do not know who the killers are, perhaps we’ll never know! It may have been anarchist Maziotis and his gang (as police leaks hinted his threatening message was blocked the previous day) or it may have been “imported” killers and after the completion of their mission took the plane back (I read somewhere about a stolen bike found abandoned on the road leading to the airport, Markopoulos speculated that these were the perpetrators …) It may be a result of cooperation between local and foreign murderers. Whomever the perpetrators were, there are instigators , who are known and documented.

It was Prime Minister Samaras who promised before the Zionists of America that “I will eradicate the Golden Dawn.” It was Koutsoubas and Tsipras who said to their supporters: “I deeply understand that fascism, will not die by itself.” The Bolsheviks who screamed as if possessed inside the parliament Anti-Greek slogans: “Perama to keratsini, fascists will not survive!”

It was the “center-left”, Evangelos Venizelos and Fotis Kourelis (Kourelis a former companion of SYRIZA), who demanded urgently to “do away with the Nazis.” It was the “president”  , who last month spoke at every opportunity against so called “Nazis” (and at the time of this writing still has not spoke a word nor made a formal statement condemning this slaughter).

All, and we mean ALL the “major” television channels worked in unison and spewed bottomless hatred, terrible lies and unimaginable threats against the nationalist movement and even up until the day before yesterday televised promoted statements by a man saying “Have them exterminate all of them. do not leave any of them!“ It is in short the whole rotten establishment, and international supporters, Obama, the State Department, the U.S. Zionist lobby, Merkel, the European Commission, the troika, the IMF, the terrorists of Israel and all the evil we now encounter!

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Today is the dawning of a new day! Both the perpetrators and instigators of this terrible crime, may have achieved the crime itself, but they did not achieve their goal, which was to terrorize and create panic to make us vanish. We will not be backing down, we are here and will continue to be as long as there is Greece itself!

They have made a fatal mistake. This was their last mistake before the Golden Dawn of Hellenism!

(Golden Dawn – Press Office)




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