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An Austrian police officer received a suspended prison sentence of ten months for posting the apparent favourite food of Adolf Hitler.

The man, who has not been identified, shared the photograph on Facebook last year, on April 20, Hitler’s birthdate, reports.

“Lunch today! Egg dumplings with green salad!” the man posted, together with a photo. “Blondi is missing,” one of the defendant’s friends wrote, allegedly in reference to Hitler’s dog, according to ORF, an Austrian public broadcaster.

Several outlets at the time reported that the commenter and the officer both resigned as members of the patriotic Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) after the posts were made.

The defence’s argument that the photo was a coincidence, and that “Blondi” was in reference to a blonde beer, failed to convince the jury.

The police officer was found guilty by a vote of five to three, although the conviction could change, the broadcaster reported. He was given a ten-month suspended prison sentence and fined €6,300 ($9,500) at a regional court in Eisenstadt, eastern Austria. It’s unclear whether he will exercise his option to appeal.

The man was charged under the orwellian Verbotsgesetz 1947, also known as the Prohibition Act 1947, which aims to put an end to patriotism and National Socialism.

The man was temporarily suspended as a police officer, but had subsequently resumed duty. A spokesperson for Burgenland State Police Command said they’re determining further disciplinary action.