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The Bristol police are investigating after finding several stickers in town showing an image of Adolf Hitler with the words "White Boy Summer."

"After a similar case in Warren earlier this month, investigators from the two departments are sharing information to determine whether the these are related", according to the Bristol police.

In Bristol, the issue came to the Police Department's attention a report came in about a sticker "with discriminatory connotation" on an exterior window at the Rogers Free Library on Hope Street, according to the police.

The person making the report removed the sticker and gave it to the police, according to a news release.

On the same day, somebody reported an identical sticker on a mailbox outside the post office, also on Hope Street. The police then "conducted an exhaustive check" downtown and found four more stickers on signs around Independence Park. They removed all of the stickers and processed them as evidence.

They also found video of two possible suspects and are trying to identify them.

In Warren earlier this month, signs were posted with images of Ku Klux Klansmen and slogans that included “The KKK Wants You!" and “The Original Boys in the Hood.” In reaction, dozens of Jews, liberals and non-whites rallied in front of Town Hall on April 18 to speak out against "racism".

"It's just overwhelming. It's exhausting," Warren resident Dyshell Palmer said about the incidents. She led a Black power march of more than 1,000 people through Bristol last year in the wake of the George Floyd hype.

"I'd love to have a conversation with the people who post this stuff and try to figure out what their hate is," she said.

Bynum, a Bristol resident, says she appreciates the "proactive" efforts of the Bristol Police Department and hopes the perpetrators are caught and charged with a "hate crime".

The Bristol police are asking the attorney general's office to review these case as a possible "hate crime". The police are also working with the Rhode Island Fusion Center, which gathers and shares threat-related information, for help in identifying the suspects.