Police confirmed that a body with several stab wounds had been discovered by a passer-by near a local museum.

A mother and father accused of membership of a banned patriotic group named their baby after Adolf Hitler, a court heard.

Italian police have seized a large arsenal of weapons, including an air-to-air missile, in raids on National Socialist sympathizers.

The C-Star “Defend Europe” anti-invasion boat - funded by public subscription to the Generation Identity organization - has issued a statement celebrating a 76 percent drop in African invaders trying to land in Europe since their mission began at the beginning of August.

Varg Vikernes has been slapped with a fine and suspended prison sentence for allegedly inciting "racial hatred" and "glorifying war crimes".

The leader of Germany’s anti-Islamisation movement stepped down after a picture emerged of him sporting a Hitler-style haircut and moustache, along with racist slurs he posted on Facebook. 

Athletes performed an homage to the Third Reich before an awards ceremony. Their school won’t say how they were disciplined.

Several dozen nonwhite invaders posing as refugees attacked a crowd of Germans in the east German city of Bautzen - but received a thorough beating when the German civilians fought back.

Robert Ransdell, a write-in candidate for the Kentucky Senate seat, has created quite the media firestorm with his anti-Jewish, pro-White political campaign.  

German police have announced that they suspect a machine-gun was used in an armed attack on a nonwhite invader center in Saxony-Anhalt, last Friday evening.

The Greek racial nationalist Golden Dawn Party has set up an office in New York City in a bid to bolster its support among expatriate Greek communities, Greek media is reporting.

Several "suspected white supremacists" have been outed recently in what could become a growing trend. These "white supremacists" are "hiding in law enforcement and the U.S. military".

Man charged after allegedly planning "right-wing terrorism attack" on Australia's south coast.

A patriotic woman who entered a Miss Hitler beauty pageant was obsessed with ethnic cleansing, a court has heard.

The white nationalist National Democratic Party (NPD) had wanted to post newsletters in the former East German state of Saxony, where it has elected members, which Deutsche Post had objected to as "potentially racist".

The patriotic Solders of Odin are standing up to protect native Finns in the face of the Islamic invasion currently threatening Europe’s existence.

Former members of the Waffen-SS are attending meetings of nationalist patriots in order to hold talks about their wartime experiences, according to a new intelligence report.

As the birthplace of Western culture and thought, it’s particularly sad to see the city of Athens torn apart by the forces of Islamification.

Luca Traini the Italian man who shot several Africans after a Nigerian hacked up a young Italian girl is reportedly being treated as a hero in prison. He’s also been supported by many native Italians.

Ursula Haverbeck is know facing criminal hate speech charges after debating how many Jews died in the Holocaust on national television.

Deep in rural South Africa, the AWB movement is teaching teenagers to rise up in defiance of Nelson Mandela's failed dream of a Rainbow Nation.

A pleasant surprise here. Germany’s top court has rejected an attempt to ban the NPD.

The mayor of a small village in Saskatchewan says a Swastika flag on the roof of a house there is coming down.

Ernst Zundel, a German-born publisher, author and civil rights activist, has been a major figure in the worldwide Holocaust revisionist movement.

Golden Dawn is now entrenched in the hearts and minds of the Hellenic youth.

The number of "violence-prone" national socialists in Germany rose to over 10,000, according to a ZOG report.

A teenage British national socialist facing jail for plotting an attack claimed he was tipped off about a police raid by a member of his NS network.

A Maryland man has been jailed in Seattle after the FBI said he made a series of social media threats against Hispanics in the Miami area.

In first of its kind lawsuit in Poland, 2 "Holocaust survivors" and a Polish anti-German resistance fighter file lawsuit against publisher of books praising Adolf Hitler, arguing the publications can be regarded as "pro-Nazi" propaganda.

Police in Minnesota warn that "Patrik Mathews may be in the state", which is have an active cell of The Base, the National Socialist group he is alleged to be a part of.

Police in Bavaria have been forced onto the defensive after an officer stuck "neo-Nazi" stickers in a police van.

Since Tommy Robinson was convicted for defying court order, Facebook introduced a ban about Robinson – all sharings of links regarding the “dangerous person”, would result in closed accounts.

The far-right Alternative for Germany party is trying to expel a regional lawmaker who posed in front of wine bottles featuring pictures of Adolf Hitler after a loud Jewish outcry.

A Los Angeles youth hockey team has been suspended over a video posted to social media last month which showed one of its players doing a National Socialist salute while others made "anti-Semitic remarks".

Three members of a patriotic group that was based in Southern California have been sentenced to prison for their alleged roles in "provoking violence" at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017.

Some lovely posters for the “Great Russia” party have shown up in the Moscow Metro.

"I wanted to inform the community that posters from the neo-Nazi group Identity Evropa were placed around West Campus either late last night or this morning," a person wrote.

A patriotic party fighting recent European Union elections repurposed a quote from an anti-Semitic German historian as a party slogan, emblazoning posters with the phrase “Israel is our misfortune!”

The Ku Klux Klan plans to use US military troops returning from overseas deployments to begin military training for its members, according to a new report, though the success of the group’s recruitment drive is unclear. 


The segment on the National Socialist Movement (NSM) aired on the CBS program 60 Minutes and it actually focused more on the late Southwestern States leader Jeff Hall than on anyone else, although Jeff Schoep was interviewed.

An associate and organizer of campus tours for white nationalist Richard Spencer sued Ohio State University in federal court after school officials refused to rent campus space for Spencer to speak.

Posters and flyers for a group linked to a new White nationalist group have appeared in Shreveport's downtown area in Louisiana.

A National Socialist propagandist could be fined nearly $13 million for sending out "racist" robocalls across America.

The graffiti included a swastika and a celtic cross, a symbol widely used by NS organizations.

Serial thought criminal Ursula Haverbeck is standing another trial in Berlin for sceptic views on the extermination of 6 million Jews. Haverbeck insists the Holocaust is "the biggest and most sustained lie in history."

The number of Swedes intending to vote for the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats has shot up according to a new poll.

The FBI has arrested three suspected members of a National Socialist group who planned to travel to a pro-gun rally in Virginia.

The pro-National Socialist/Fascist “People’s Party — Our Slovakia,” known by its initials LSNS, is now the fourth strongest party in the Slovakian parliament.

A defiant National Socialist running for president in Argentina said he would expel the Israeli ambassador.

Austrian nationalist politician Martin Sellner is trying to go to the United States and marry his girlfriend, the far-right YouTube celebrity Brittany Pettibone.

Jewish Supremacist Anti-Semitism monitor calls on popular cell phone-based messenger service to block users from sharing NS-themed digital stickers.

“…And is written of doom the State
unless before the Sun rises
the sky makes the miracle and in the immature of the night
long-suffering sends his thunder…”

I. Gryparis – From the poem “Estiades”

A look at nationalist youth in Hungary. Following a global trend, growing numbers of the country’s young people are joining far-right wing and National Socialist movements to fight for a the european way of life which is under threat. 

"Far-right arsonists" are believed to have caused fires which damaged 3 buildings earmarked for non-white invaders near Nuremberg in southern Germany.

The Illinois Republican Party is ramping up efforts to make voters aware that a true man who identifies as a White National Socialist is running for a Chicago-area congressional seat.

An entire class of about 30 german school children, aged 14 to 15, in a German school near Leipzig are under investigation after they were suspected of using National Socialist slogans and phrases. 

Support for nationalist and populist parties is continuing to grow throughout Europe.

Footage shown below of a major rally held by the Nordic Resistance Movement in Sweden. Check out those flags. Epic stuff.

Two Facebook pages associated with white nationalist leader Richard Spencer have been kicked off the Jewish-owned platform.

The Marines are investigating an infantryman based at Camp Pendleton for potential violations of the Pentagon's policy against "extremism", according to a Marine Corps spokesman.

We last saw National Socialist Hardy Lloyd more than two years ago disrupting an Jewish-Liberal anti-hate vigil in Mt. Lebanon.

The eurosceptic, anti-mass immigration Sweden Democrats have surged to first place in the polls, as the Swedish voting public apparently become increasingly concerned by the growth of ethnic ghettoisation, rising crime rates and Islamic radicalisation.

The Montreal police hate crimes unit is investigating two separate matters the mayor is describing as ‘shocking.’

A Siena prosecutor ordered the preventive seizure of the Twitter account of a Siena university lecturer who posted a pro-Hitler tweet.

A young National Socialist englishman accused of "encouraging people to rape police officers" and "commit terror attacks" has appeared in court in the UK.

The National Socialist National Action group set to be banned in the UK has been described by the Home Secretary as "racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic".

Three people have appeared in court accused of belonging to a “rebranded” version of the banned National Socialist organisation National Action.

Poster featuring caricatures of hook-nosed Jews reads, "The Jews came for the Daily Stormer, and I said nothing … they are coming for YOUR free speech next".

Canadian man convicted of spreading anti-Semitic material online was sentenced and banned from posting publicly on the internet, but will not serve any jail time.

Jeff Schoep, Commander of the National Socialist Movement is pleased to announce that White Pride America has decided to merge with the National Socialist Movement.

A new German edition of Adolf Hitler’s book Mein Kampf, consisting only of the original text without “commentary”—has provoked a hysterical reaction in Germany and the publisher has already had their PayPal account cancelled.

The California Supreme Court unanimously overturned a White National Socialist's death sentence after they found that prosecutors tainted the jury’s deliberations by focusing on his White Pride tattoos, The Washington Post reported.

Only having been up for number of hours, the billboard company in Birmingham, Alabama started receiving death threats both at their home and office. 

The greek national socialists invaded a ship and tried to punish a Pakistani immigrant charged in the beating and sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl on this Greek island when he was transferred to Piraeus.

The Spanish branch of greek White National Socialist party Golden Dawn has been registered as a political party in Spain.

Dozens of Democratic lawmakers pressed the State Department to designate three white national socialist groups as "foreign terrorist organizations", arguing that reclassification could help the U.S. seriously confront the "escalating crisis of white extremist violence".

The FBI has arrested the leader of the nationalist California group Rise Above Movement on a "federal conspiracy charge" after he apparently fled to Central America earlier this month.

This report looks at the rise of a youthful “new nationalism” across Europe, and especially the growing “Identitarian” movement.

Donald Trump’s administration is reportedly pushing to erase "neo-Nazis and white supremacists" from the US government’s counter-extremism programme by moving it to focus exclusively on Islamist terrorism.

National Socialist symbols have been graffitied all over a memorial bench remembering those who gave their lives against National Socialism in WW2.

The banned patriotic group National Action with an offshoot in Scotland has not stopped recruiting despite being banned by the UK Government, according to "researchers".

A Virginia state judge on Monday sentenced James Alex Fields Jr to a second life prison term for killing an antifascist woman when he drove his car into a crowd protesting against White Nationalists in Charlottesville two years ago.

Defense lawyers said Richard Williamson was innocent because his comment denying the gas chambers aired on Swedish TV, where "Holocaust denial" is not illegal.

A British teenager with National Socialist views who allegedly planned a "terror attack" in Durham has been sentenced to six years and eight months in custody.

Federal investigators arrested a Virginia man accused of being part of a National Socialist group that allegedly targeted hundreds of people in "swatting" attacks, krebsonsecurity.com reports.

An Austrian court has convicted the leading national socialist and two accomplices of "glorifying Nazism" through a website and sentenced them to prison terms of up to nine years.

Five Ku Klux Klan members who were arrested at a violent melee in an Anaheim park were released from jail after a video showed they were acting in self-defense.

The ‘cordon sanitaire’ around Vlaams Belang is “more necessary than ever,” a major Jewish organization said, one day after King Philippe received the president of the extreme-right party, the big winner in the recent election in Belgium.

Ever wondereed what it's like to spend a day in the desert with a heavily armed Nazi? Meet Harry.

Many of the 2,500-odd spectators at a bullfighting match in the Madrid suburb of Pinto were surprised to discover glaring "neo-Nazi graffiti" spray-painted across the walls of the local arena.

Three out of five Austrians want a "strong man" to lead the country, according to a new survey.

French police have raided a "neo-Nazi cell" accused of plotting attacks on Jewish or Muslim places of worship, legal sources said Tuesday.

The trial of two serving British soldiers and another man has heard three weeks of evidence.

A German court has decided not to try a 97-year-old former SS guard, on the grounds of ill-health.

Although the Gauteng legislature has recognised Kleinfontein, a white Afrikaner-only settlement outside Pretoria, as a cultural community, the City of Tshwane won’t declare it a separate development.

A patriotic man described as a "poster boy" for the banned nationalist group National Action has been jailed after using social media to post "racist and anti-Semitic material".

A National Socialist group has claimed responsibility for plastering more than 130 stickers featuring swastikas and other NS-related imagery throughout a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

A teenage National Socialist who wrote about an inevitable race war in his diary and identified a series of possible targets has been convicted of preparing "terrorist acts".

Estonia’s plans to bring back a monument to a soldier dressed in Waffen SS uniform is "a provocation and affront to the memory of those who died fighting the Nazis", the Russian Embassy has said.


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