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As American cities burn and people are murdered in the street with impunity by groups protesting the death of George Floyd, very little reporting has been done on who exactly is responsible beyond tweets from Donald Trump about the mobs being led by "Antifa" (Anti-Fascist) -- an umbrella term anarchist organizations use as propaganda when trying to win liberal support for paramilitary attacks they conduct on nationalist protesters and Trump supporters.

A federal judge is handing down thousands of dollars in penalties on some people and groups that took part in the ‘Unite the Right’ rally in 2017, because they are still not cooperating with evidence discovery in a civil lawsuit.

A Melbourne golf club that was founded by Jews has been targeted by graffiti on its greens.

A British student has appeared in court to deny a "string of terror and hate offences".

A 19-year-old Swedish nationalist, identified as Tommie Lindh, died on Sunday after a group of Africans entered a party. 

A police plan for video surveillance of a Dortmund street home to patriotic National Socialists has been overruled by an administrative court.

A Texas National Socialist was sentenced to 30 months in prison on a weapons charge after he and an Atomwaffen leader were pulled over in Texas late last year.

The US government has formally designated the Russian Imperial Movement (RIM) – a small Christian monarchist outfit based in St. Petersburg – as a terrorist organization, and has imposed sanctions on the group and its leaders.

An online holocaust event held by the Israeli embassy in Germany had to be suspended after "anti-Semitic trolls" disrupted the testimony of a so-called holocaust survivor in a case of what is being termed Zoom bombing.

In an address to the nation and the wider francophone world on Thursday (April 16), the Franco-Cameroonian[1] comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala called for peace and reconciliation in these anxious times of confinement and coronavirus.

The Trump administration launched a major escalation of the war on white identity and civil liberties by declaring a so-called “white supremacist group” a terrorist organization for the first time in United States history.

The Trump administration designated the Russian Imperial Movement a terrorist organization, calling it the first time the label has been applied to a white nationalist group.

The sticker found at a Montclair train station promotes the same patriotic group that appeared on white nationalist flyers in Bloomfield last year.

Jew-owned Facebook Inc. has removed dozens of user accounts plus other Pages and Groups on its social network associated with the Northwest Front, the group pushing for a white nation-state in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

Brenton Tarrant, the 29-year-old Australian White nationalist charged with killing 51 moslems in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand last year has changed his plea to guilty and was convicted of murder.

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