A Los Angeles youth hockey team has been suspended over a video posted to social media last month which showed one of its players doing a National Socialist salute while others made "anti-Semitic remarks".

Nordic Resistance Movement members from Nest 5 displayed a new LED banner on a bridge above Highway 66 outside Ludvika, Sweden.

The Citizens Super PAC has unintentionally created an epic pro-Trump propaganda ad.

Canadian War Museum officials are “really pleased” a pair of 22-year-old men have been charged with "racist vandalism" that defaced an aircraft.

Richard W. Preston Jr., 53, had planned on going to trial on the gamble that he could possibly persuade a jury that he had acted in defense of himself or others — an argument he made at earlier stages of his case.

The iTunes music store is a great way for liberal extremist, communist and anarchist artists to give people access to their music, but it's no longer a good place for white power bands. 

A lawyer for the owner of the house where Adolf Hitler was born is disputing the government’s right to take possession of the property in Austria’s highest court, saying authorities are using the measure “like a club” because his client refused purchase offers from authorities that were too low.

The Greek racial nationalist Golden Dawn Party has set up an office in New York City in a bid to bolster its support among expatriate Greek communities, Greek media is reporting.

The German man is suspected of building a pipe-bomb containing mercury in small Bavarian town in February. Authorities believe he has connections with the nationalist Reichsbürger movement.

Eight members of a German National Socialist cell have been jailed after a court found them guilty of forming a "terrorist organisation" that was allegedly "planning a campaign of violence".

Fourteen years after being stripped of his citizenship, Germany finally takes in Jakiw Palij, who was trained by the SS at Trawniki.

A top racist hater from Montana is recruiting for a new multicultural Ku Klux Klan.

More Jewish tears flow after swastikas were painted on a Jewish fraternity house at Vanderbilt University.

The Finnish Supreme Court has decided to grant the Nordic Resistance Movement’s appeal against the banning of the organisation in Finland.

A patriotic woman who entered a Miss Hitler beauty pageant was obsessed with ethnic cleansing, a court has heard.

An Alternative for Germany (AfD) parliamentary hopeful has shared a photo of Hitler with the words “Missed since 1945.”

In September of last year, the Zionist social media page Facebook engaged in electoral meddling by arbitrarily banning the large accounts of radical nationalist parties Forza Nuova and CasaPound.

Afrikaners will have to concentrate together in one area for safety or remain vulnerable as a spread-out minority, the chief executive officer (CEO) of the Orania movement in South Africa has said after a renewed wave of black attacks over the past weekend left four white farmers dead.

A National Socialist group calls for a white power revolution has put up dozens of posters in one of London's trendiest boroughs.

An Otago second-hand dealer is defending his range of National Socialist memorabilia and says he has sold several swastika badges since the Christchurch attacks.

One of the key beliefs of the left-wing is that anyone who disagrees with the government must be shut down.

The Spanish branch of greek White National Socialist party Golden Dawn has been registered as a political party in Spain.

Nationalist chants bellowed from a loudspeaker and Hinomaru flags were waved at a rally in Tokyo attended by about 40 people following a young person dressed in military uniform.

The chief editor of a celebrity magazine in Kazakhstan has been fined for devoting the April issue to Adolf Hitler.

Last weekend German patriots from Ein Prozent braved the bad weather to hold public information rallies in over 40 cities throughout Germany.

As American cities burn and people are murdered in the street with impunity by groups protesting the death of George Floyd, very little reporting has been done on who exactly is responsible beyond tweets from Donald Trump about the mobs being led by "Antifa" (Anti-Fascist) -- an umbrella term anarchist organizations use as propaganda when trying to win liberal support for paramilitary attacks they conduct on nationalist protesters and Trump supporters.

Police have arrested dozens of nationalists Friday after they interrupted a May Day demonstration and injured several people in the German city of Weimar.

FBI director Christopher Wray today declared that “white nationalists” and the “far-right” are being treated as a threat on par with ISIS. The Department of Justice under William Barr has also ordered a massive offensive against “anti-Semitism.”

Nearly 1,000 police officers raided clubhouses and apartments of known national socialists in western Germany after a ban was placed on three NS groups in the country’s most populous state.

A teenage National Socialist who wrote about an inevitable race war in his diary and identified a series of possible targets has been convicted of preparing "terrorist acts".

Jews in Liverpool are very unhappy about an upcoming White Man March slated to be held on August 15th.

A German fireworks manufacturer has been plunged in "controversy" after a customer alleged he found a swastika on the packaging of one of its products.

Georgian police arrested the leader of the Nationalist Socialist Movement — National Unity of Georgia on Saturday for "illegal purchase, storing, and carrying of firearms".

Arthur Jones, America’s only openly pro-white Congressional candidate, received 56,944 votes in the heavily Democratic 3rd Congressional District of Illinois during last week’s midterm elections - horrifying the establishment, and highlighting how many votes stable pro-white candidates across the country might have won had there been such an organization in place.

Outfitted in a flak jacket and fighting gloves, Enrique Tarrio was one of dozens of black, Latino, and Asian men who marched alongside "white supremacists" in Portland on Aug. 4.

Another patriotic National Socialist group that believes that non-whites should be expelled from Britain is facing calls for the outfit to be banned.

Even though the number of murders in majority non-white London last week surpassed the entire death toll of 2017, the controlled media in Britain has had more to say about the conviction of three whites for “being racists” and buying a book available on Amazon UK.

Though prisoners commonly released after serving two-thirds of their sentence, court decides not to free Holocaust-sceptic Ursula Haverbeck, 91.

A National Socialist group has claimed responsibility for plastering more than 130 stickers featuring swastikas and other NS-related imagery throughout a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

The Proud Boys were stalked and attacked on the street by antifa following an event in New York City where Gavin McInnes, the then leader of the Proud Boys, was speaking.

A father who named his baby after Hitler and is accused of being a "fanatical neo-Nazi terrorist group member" vowed to continue the fight despite it being outlawed, a court heard.

Conservative town council members in Austria have resigned from their posts after a documentary film showed them singing and toasting one another in a basement room filled with NS memorabilia.

In a nutshell, Italian authorities have blocked access to Stormfront.com in their country.

The famous elderly German patriot Ursula Haverbeck has been arrested and sent to prison.

A defiant Georgian National Socialist was found guilty and sentenced to three and a half years in jail by a Tbilisi court.

Italian police have seized a large arsenal of weapons, including an air-to-air missile, in raids on National Socialist sympathizers.

Black South African “Equality Court” judge Phineas Mojapelo has ruled that the further “gratuitous” public display of the old South African flag constitutes “hate speech” in that country, and that anyone saying that displaying it will be prosecuted - even if it is inside their own private house.

The US government has formally designated the Russian Imperial Movement (RIM) – a small Christian monarchist outfit based in St. Petersburg – as a terrorist organization, and has imposed sanctions on the group and its leaders.

Has there ever been a stranger life trajectory than that of Holocaust revisionist David Cole? 

Luca Traini the Italian man who shot several Africans after a Nigerian hacked up a young Italian girl is reportedly being treated as a hero in prison. He’s also been supported by many native Italians.

Hundreds of people from Iran and around the globe submitted entries for the Islamic Republic's Second International Holocaust Cartoon Contest.

"839 artworks have also been sent to the secretariat, 686 of them have been sent to the cartoon section and 153 more are related to caricature section," Secretary Masud Shojaei-Tabatabaii told the Fars News Agency, marking the 2nd time since 2006 that the country has held the contest.

Judge in southern city of Gliwice says leaked footage of 2017 event sponsored by Pride and Modernity party leaves ‘no doubt’ of intentions to propagate National Socialist ideology.

ON HER Facebook page, Alberta, Canada resident Monika Schaefer lists herself as a self-employed violin instructor.

Some lovely posters for the “Great Russia” party have shown up in the Moscow Metro.

As the oppressive doctrine of political correctness becomes ever more intense in the US, at least we are able to look the the UK and say “well, at least it’s not there yet.”

A Confederate monument that had stood in front of a North Carolina courthouse for 112 years was taken down overnight after months of debate and Jewish-led non-white protests.

On page 7 of the Gorey Guardian, a print and online newspaper for the town of Gorey in Ireland, they have ran an article about how the Guardian’s own office had White Genocide posters stuck to the door during the March 21st “March Against White Genocide”. 

Seventy-four years after the fall of the Third Reich, the German government is still paying foreign soldiers injured while assisting the National Socialist war effort, including two Swedes who served in the armed unit of the SS.

Four men connected to a white nationalist group based in California have been arrested and charged with "rioting" at last year's Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va.

The Volksraad views forthcoming talks with government as a step closer to their right for self-determination for our own people in a peaceful way.

Estonia’s premier anti-Third World invasion party, the Estonian Conservative People’s Party (EKRE), has horrified the establishment parties by doubling its vote to nearly 18 percent in that country’s general election held over the past weekend.


The segment on the National Socialist Movement (NSM) aired on the CBS program 60 Minutes and it actually focused more on the late Southwestern States leader Jeff Hall than on anyone else, although Jeff Schoep was interviewed.

Kentucky man has sparked liberal and jewish outrage after a picture emerged online of he and his five-year-old son sporting particularly "inappropriate" Halloween costumes.

The sticker found at a Montclair train station promotes the same patriotic group that appeared on white nationalist flyers in Bloomfield last year.

The Courier Mail has written a very one-sided report about a banner that was put up on an overpass in Springwood, Australia.

A 96-year-old former member of the Waffen-SS was attacked, tied up and robbed inside his home by two unknown perpetrators posing as mailmen, German public broadcaster NDR reported.

Marian Kotleba, who heads patriotic party that uses NS salutes and considers NATO to be a terror group, nominated by party for largely ceremonial post.

Four former members of the Pan-Slavic Nationalist organization Slavic Union were shot dead on the Egorievsk highway in a suburb of Moscow.

Educational visits from National Socialists are becoming an increasing problem for the Jews at the concentration camp in Buchenwald in eastern Germany, museum director Volkhard Knigge said.

Flyers promoting the white nationalist Patriot Front group appeared on stop signs and light poles outside McClatchy Co.’s The Sun News newspaper in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The Danish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement has launched a nationwide campaign against the growing trend of violence committed against Danes by racial foreigners.

The Swiss Army has detained six soldiers after a photo was published of them dressed in uniform and making a National Socialist salute in front of a swastika stomped in the snow.

A man in Illinois is flying two swastika flags on his home, and the local media is flipping out.

A mum had her baby taken off her just an hour after giving birth – because of her boyfriend’s links to the NS group Combat 18.

A "Miss Hitler" beauty contestant accused of being a "neo-Nazi terrorist" said MP Jo Cox, who was murdered by a hardcore nationalist activist in 2016, could "rot in hell", a court heard.

A German court threw out an appeal by a British bishop convicted in a high-profile case for "denying key facts about the Holocaust".

"I just kind of put two and two together with Martin Luther King Day, Gasthof's, hanging banners, full-on SS uniforms, and then they have even the National Socialist swastika t-shirts and little pendants with the same logo that's on the t-shirt," says a scared guest who requested anonymity.

Zionist authorities are investigating a number of national socialist prisoners who formed a secret nationwide network from behind bars.

Golden Dawners were handing out flyers in English and French to tourists and other people explaining the terrible situation in Greece today, when fully armed police officers grabbed them handcuffed them and they are now being held at the police station. 

While China blames the US government for the coronavirus, Jewish organizations and the FBI are busy seeding paranoid hoaxes against their national enemy: politically active white men in America.

Gov. Steve Beshear has issued a statement saying he doesn't agree with a nationalsocialists that hold a rally on the Kentucky Capitol steps but he respects the rights given the group under the U.S. Constitution.

German police arrested two Chinese tourists for making illegal "Heil Hitler" salutes in front of the historic Reichstag building that houses the German parliament.

A Maryland man has been jailed in Seattle after the FBI said he made a series of social media threats against Hispanics in the Miami area.

Slovakian police - acting under government orders - have charged Marian Kotleba, leader of Kotleba - People's Party Our Slovakia party and Governor of Banská Bystrica Region with “promoting extremism”.

A hardcore nationalist group led by Alejandro Biodini, who is constantly being called a “Neo-Nazi” by the spineless Jews, has been approved for official registration as a political party in Argentina.

A suspected National Socialist pleaded guilty to a weapons violation and faces up to 10 years in prison, federal prosecutors announced.

Anti-terrorism police arrested "neo-fascist extremists" accused of planning violent attacks across Italy.

The American founder of US-based patriotic National Socialist group The Base is directing the organisation from Russia, a BBC investigation has stated.

A federal magistrate in Virginia has denied bond to an accused National Socialist from Texas who prosecutors say was planning to report phony bomb threats to terrorize a number of targets including an unnamed former cabinet official, and a black church in Virginia.

The General Secretary of the Popular Association – Golden Dawn made the followings statements on March 23rd, 2015.

Unusual face-off happening in ballot to be mayor in Andes town of Yungar. Hitler is to stand against Lenin in an election in Peru.

Antifascists from Austria, Croatia, Italy and Slovenia staged a protest rally in Bleiburg, Austria, asking the Austrian government to ban what they described as a gathering of "Ustashas and fascists" in the Loibach field near that town in the southern region of Carinthia.

Police in the eastern German city of Dresden say six National Socialists on their way home from the Dresden holocaust commemoration rally were attacked by a horde of masked assailants believed to be leftist extremists.

A prosecutor heading a yearlong investigation into Golden Dawn recommended that its leader, 17 other lawmakers, and dozens of party officials and supporters stand trial on a range of charges, including "running a criminal organization and murder".

A judge says Daily Stormer owner Andrew Anglin should pay $14 million for urging followers to "terrorize" a Jewish woman in Montana.

The Nationalist movement has collided with the hipster subculture in Germany to form a group of youths wearing beards, trendy tote bags, and bandanas stitched with NS slogans.

The number of "violence-prone" national socialists in Germany rose to over 10,000, according to a ZOG report.

Greek police arrested the leader and more than a dozen senior members and lawmakers from the Golden Dawn party after the killing of an "anti-fascist rapper".

The far-right Alternative for Germany party is trying to expel a regional lawmaker who posed in front of wine bottles featuring pictures of Adolf Hitler after a loud Jewish outcry.

Austrian prosecutors have charged the owner of a basement filled with NS paraphernalia as a "Nazi sympathizer" after his collection featured in a documentary film by director Ulrich Seidl last year.


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