Australia's intelligence chief has warned of a "real threat" to the country's security from "neo-Nazis".

Two Facebook pages associated with white nationalist leader Richard Spencer have been kicked off the Jewish-owned platform.

Three members of a patriotic group that was based in Southern California have been sentenced to prison for their alleged roles in "provoking violence" at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017.

Athletes performed an homage to the Third Reich before an awards ceremony. Their school won’t say how they were disciplined.

The Rise Above Movement (RAM) was pulled up on completely fake charges, after an FBI agent copied and pasted antifa blog posts into a criminal filing. And it looked like they were all going to be railroaded into serious prison terms.

Wisconsin authorities say 22-year-old Yousef O. Barasneh, whose father immigrated from Amman, spray-painted swastikas on Beth Israel Sinai Congregation in Racine, YnetNews.com reports.

A badge for the German National Socialist association for women was found at the home of a patriotic "terror suspect" who took part in a Miss Hitler beauty contest, a UK court has heard.

In a shameful display of servitude to international Zionism, Antonis Samaras makes them not simply stakeholders, but the sole manager of Greek political life.

O’mei Szechuan Chinese Restaurant has been a favorite spot for many Santa Cruz residents and tourists, but now its doors have been shuttered after 38 years of serving excellent food.

Fourteen years after being stripped of his citizenship, Germany finally takes in Jakiw Palij, who was trained by the SS at Trawniki.

The case against The Daily Stormer's Andrew Anglin can proceed to trial on accusations he called for a "troll storm" against a Jewish woman, a federal judge ruled.

A German court threw out an appeal by a British bishop convicted in a high-profile case for "denying key facts about the Holocaust".

The ongoing trial of 18 members of the Greek parliament and 69 other senior figures in Greece’s famous “Golden Dawn” party seems to be drawing to a close with the state having as yet failed to conclusively prove its main charge of conspiracy.

A German Nationalist party won a bid before the highest court to force a public broadcast network to show one of its TV campaign adverts for European Parliament elections.

French police have raided a "neo-Nazi cell" accused of plotting attacks on Jewish or Muslim places of worship, legal sources said Tuesday.

Some lovely posters for the “Great Russia” party have shown up in the Moscow Metro.

According to RTL, Varg Vikernes was arrested near the town of Salon-la-Tour, a commune in the Corrèze department in central France, on suspicion of planning a "massacre."

Jewish Supremacist Anti-Semitism monitor calls on popular cell phone-based messenger service to block users from sharing NS-themed digital stickers.

A court in Brno on Monday heard the closing statements in the case of the 2012 publication of speeches by Adolf Hitler.

Administrators in a German village have elected a member of a hardcore Nationalist party as council head, prompting an outcry from Jews and Liberals who demanded the vote be annulled.

The Swiss Army has detained six soldiers after a photo was published of them dressed in uniform and making a National Socialist salute in front of a swastika stomped in the snow.

On April 14th in Norfolk, Va. There was a violent mob attack in which two WAVT TV 10 reporters were violently beaten in the street by a mob of Black youths.

An associate and organizer of campus tours for white nationalist Richard Spencer sued Ohio State University in federal court after school officials refused to rent campus space for Spencer to speak.

A canadian lady, famous for denying the existence of the Holocaust, has been arrested in Germany, according to B'nai Brith Canada.

The National Socialist group Folk Front posted fliers with a swastika and a Star of David around the Arizona State University campus in Tempe.

The South Carolina-based New Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan announced a fundraising effort for the white police officer who gunned down a black thug in Ferguson, Missouri.

Belgian "Holocaust denier" Siegfried Verbeke was sentenced to six months in prison after a criminal court in Mechelen found him guilty for proclaiming "negationist theories".

PayPal censored an account used to raise funds by one of the US's largest white nationalist groups six days after it was first flagged by an anti-white campaigner.

Four men connected to a white nationalist group based in California have been arrested and charged with "rioting" at last year's Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va.

A former SS warrior who has lived in freedom in Germany since the end of World War Two was charged on under the country’s zionist laws against "Holocaust denial" and "hate speech".

Connor Ward is accused of having 22,000 manuals on armed forces tactics and a file containing a map of Aberdeen mosques.

Police in Bavaria have been forced onto the defensive after an officer stuck "neo-Nazi" stickers in a police van.

An Iowa National Socialist allegedly threatened a Jewish group with "violence" over a YouTube video he disliked, prosecutors say.

Judge in southern city of Gliwice says leaked footage of 2017 event sponsored by Pride and Modernity party leaves ‘no doubt’ of intentions to propagate National Socialist ideology.

A former priest involved in Poland’s nationalist movement has been indicted on "hate speech" and "holocaust denial" charges.

Two young white men have been charged by police with making threats or conveying false information concerning acts of terrorism after they threatened to shoot up the XS nightclub at Encore Las Vegas on the Strip.

The Slovak national socialist party People’s Party – Our Slovakia (L’SNS) led by Marian Kotleba — gained three extra MPs in general election and is now the joint-third largest party in the Slovak Parliament with 17 seats.

Helmut Oberlander faces long odds asking the Supreme Court of Canada to restore his Canadian citizenship. His request is no surprise, however, in a legal odyssey that's gone before 32 judges over 24 years.

Catholic breakaway traditionalists from the ultra-conservative Society of St Pius X had agreed to hold the funeral of former SS officer Erich Priebke at their seminary in Albano, a town near Rome.

The pro-National Socialist/Fascist “People’s Party — Our Slovakia,” known by its initials LSNS, is now the fourth strongest party in the Slovakian parliament.

Ursula Haverbeck is know facing criminal hate speech charges after debating how many Jews died in the Holocaust on national television.

Jews in Liverpool are very unhappy about an upcoming White Man March slated to be held on August 15th.

The jewish lobby welcomes Amazon move to remove “Holocaust-denial” books, offers assistance in identifying further through crime material.

Unusual face-off happening in ballot to be mayor in Andes town of Yungar. Hitler is to stand against Lenin in an election in Peru.

Seventeen men linked to National Socialist group Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) have been charged with "agitation against an ethnic group" and "violent riot" for their actions during a demonstration last year.

A man in Illinois is flying two swastika flags on his home, and the local media is flipping out.

Kentucky man has sparked liberal and jewish outrage after a picture emerged online of he and his five-year-old son sporting particularly "inappropriate" Halloween costumes.

The Italian government has ordered the removal of pro-fascist posters at a beach near Venice.

As the oppressive doctrine of political correctness becomes ever more intense in the US, at least we are able to look the the UK and say “well, at least it’s not there yet.”

A "Miss Hitler" beauty contestant accused of being a "neo-Nazi terrorist" said MP Jo Cox, who was murdered by a hardcore nationalist activist in 2016, could "rot in hell", a court heard.

Golden Dawn is now entrenched in the hearts and minds of the Hellenic youth.

Arlington police are searching for whoever painted a swastika and the "n-word" (nigger) on businesses and signs.

A jury recommended life plus 419 years for James Fields convicted of killing Heather Heyer and injuring dozens of antifascists when he drove his car into antifa counterprotesters at the white nationalist rally in Virginia last year.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox kept up his withering criticism of Donald Trump, saying the GOP front-runner reminds him of Adolf Hitler.

A white nationalist charged with killing a gay supervisor at a community college said he did so because he hates homosexuality.

“…And is written of doom the State
unless before the Sun rises
the sky makes the miracle and in the immature of the night
long-suffering sends his thunder…”

I. Gryparis – From the poem “Estiades”

A German grandmother has been sentenced to ten months in jail for saying Auschwitz was a labour camp.

A drone dropped flyers emblazoned with swastikas and anti-media messages outside an Ariana Grande concert and at a Sacramento State University event, the school newspaper first reported.

Six men were arrested in the early hours of Monday on suspicion of forming a "far-right terrorism" group called "Revolution Chemnitz".

A group of 26 German alleged national socialists went on trial under tight security.

The mayor of a small village in Saskatchewan says a Swastika flag on the roof of a house there is coming down.

Flyers promoting the white nationalist Patriot Front group appeared on stop signs and light poles outside McClatchy Co.’s The Sun News newspaper in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The Jewish owner of Chelsea want to send antisemite supporters on trips to the horror museum of Auschwitz instead of imposing banning orders.

A patrotic politician will be allowed to remain in the nationalist Alternative for Germany party (AfD) despite posing to be photographed in front of wine bottles decorated with images of Adolf Hitler.

Several dozen nonwhite invaders posing as refugees attacked a crowd of Germans in the east German city of Bautzen - but received a thorough beating when the German civilians fought back.

A father who named his baby after Hitler and is accused of being a "fanatical neo-Nazi terrorist group member" vowed to continue the fight despite it being outlawed, a court heard.

The National Socialist Underground killed eight Turks, a Greek and a policewoman between 2000 and 2007.

A couple who named their child after Hitler have been sentenced to more than 10 years total in prison after they were convicted of being members of a banned National Socialist group that had sought to start a race war in Britain.

The Courier Mail has written a very one-sided report about a banner that was put up on an overpass in Springwood, Australia.

Though prisoners commonly released after serving two-thirds of their sentence, court decides not to free Holocaust-sceptic Ursula Haverbeck, 91.

A mum had her baby taken off her just an hour after giving birth – because of her boyfriend’s links to the NS group Combat 18.

Just before 1 a.m. Saturday, a crew of white nationalists descended on the Rec Room Bar & Grill, a normally relaxed bar in Lynnwood, Wash., about a half-hour drive north of Seattle, the authorities said.

The number of Swedes intending to vote for the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats has shot up according to a new poll.

Many of the 2,500-odd spectators at a bullfighting match in the Madrid suburb of Pinto were surprised to discover glaring "neo-Nazi graffiti" spray-painted across the walls of the local arena.

Ten alleged members of the American Front were arrested in central Florida. 

Apparently most anti-Jewish incidents in Germany are not from muslim immigrants but are actually from German nationalists.

Australian counterterrorism police have charged a second man with terrorism over an alleged National Socialist plot to stage attacks outside Sydney.

A Confederate monument that had stood in front of a North Carolina courthouse for 112 years was taken down overnight after months of debate and Jewish-led non-white protests.

The FBI has arrested three suspected members of a National Socialist group who planned to travel to a pro-gun rally in Virginia.

Officers in Adolf Hitler's Waffen-SS are living in the United Kingdom and drawing government pensions.

The man arrived at the "war crimes" site in a minibus full of 16-30 year old football fans who had just been to see Dynamo Dresden play Rot-Weiß-Erfurt.

The Citizens Super PAC has unintentionally created an epic pro-Trump propaganda ad.

Hundreds of proud people attended the annual march in Kaunas, Lithuania’s second city that is also known as Kovno.

A National Socialist group is to become the second nationalist group to be banned as a terrorist organisation in the UK, the home secretary has announced.

WTF is up with the Australian news media? Looks like they also deal in fake news.

Four suspects were arrested during a series of raids against the German chapter of the White National Socialist group known as Blood & Honor, police and prosecutors said.

At a major right-wing conference in France last weekend, former National Rally (RN) MP Marion Maréchal called on French people to resist the Great Replacement.

Amid Jewish-Liberal concern over growing "right-wing terrorism", hundreds of suspects belonging to patriotic groups across Germany are wanted on criminal arrest warrants, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) reported.

Around 3,000 angry white British people turned out at London’s Speaker’s Corner last weekend - and tens of thousands more listened online - to hear famous UK activist Tommy Robinson read out a pro-European speech that was supposed to have been delivered by the founder of Generation Identity, Martin Sellner.

A group of girls in North Carolina have sparked outrage with a photo that shows them in white shirts and white pointed hats, resembling KKK robes.

About a week ago, flyers were posted through people’s mailboxes in Brampton, Canada warning people that massive third world immigration into Canada is reducing White Canadians to a minority in their own country; those flyers linked to the website Immigration Watch Canada. 

John Taylor Bowles, the official lobbyist for the American Nazi Party, gave a seminar on national socialism to students at a high school in Ohio for the fourth year in a row, and by all accounts, it was well-received.

This poor bastard is going to jail for protesting rape gangs and the government ordered a complete media blackout on his arrest and sentence inside of Britain.

A Russian lawmaker has urged other MPs to boycott Facebook over its refusal to block a page dedicated to a Latvian volunteer unit that fought with the National Socialists in WWII.

German police are investigating the sale of beer with a "Nazi-style" label, seen as scandalous in Zionist-occupied Germany.

Facebook will begin banning "white nationalist or white separatist" content on its platform starting next week, the social media giant announced on Wednesday.

Washington state law enforcement officials say the leader of a local National Socialist cell — the same group that was connected to the death of the Jew teen Blaze Bernstein — may have planned to manufacture untraceable weapons known as “ghost guns.”

The march is part of commemorations for Latvian Legion Day, an unofficial holiday honoring those who fought in the anti-Soviet Latvian SS Legion.

A German court ruled that local authorities in Berlin were allowed to fire a man caught reading Adolf Hitler’s manifesto at work.

The whores of Femen, known for parading around naked and condemning Christianity and freedom, celebrated the murder of some 100,000 Germans by the RAF in Dresden on the anniversary.


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