Hundreds of proud people attended the annual march in Kaunas, Lithuania’s second city that is also known as Kovno.

I suppose it’s probably for the best if Stormers avoid the Douglas County area of Georgia for the immediate future, especially if any one of y’all are thinking about saying mean things to the local area wildlife.

A judge in Geneva sentenced a Swiss blogger to six months in jail for "denying the Holocaust and inciting hate".

The National Socialist Movement is pleased to announce a major addition to our Southern forces.

Austrian nationalist politician Martin Sellner is trying to go to the United States and marry his girlfriend, the far-right YouTube celebrity Brittany Pettibone.

A police plan for video surveillance of a Dortmund street home to patriotic National Socialists has been overruled by an administrative court.

The Express has written a piece about patriotic Germans in rural areas who are embracing Adolf Hitler.

A zionist Italian court has ruled in favour of the expulsion of ex-Ku Klux Klan leader and former Louisiana politician Dr. David Duke from Italy.

Gudrun Burwitz, the daughter of high-ranking National Socialist and SS Chief Heinrich Himmler, has died aged 88.

A man has been detained in Greater Manchester for a social media post that allegedly supports the New Zealand mosque attack.

As both the Alternative for Sweden (AfS) and the Sweden Democrats (SD) are expected to punch above their weight in the upcoming elections, the deliberate removal of their content has been seen as tampering with its outcome.

Internet financial giant Paypal has closed the account of the French group Generation Identitaire (Generation Identity) after that organization started raising funds to charter a boat to block far left invader “rescue expeditions” in the Mediterranean.

John William King, one of the men behind a famous hate crime in the US, is put to death by lethal injection in Texas.

Four suspects were arrested during a series of raids against the German chapter of the White National Socialist group known as Blood & Honor, police and prosecutors said.

In a nutshell, Italian authorities have blocked access to in their country.

The ban was part of singer's suspended prison sentence she received in 2018 for songs "mocking Jews and the Holocaust".

A patriotic woman in Germany faces 5 years in prison for "inciting hatred" after she was filmed at an anti-Islam rally wearing a politcally incorrect T-shirt.

Citing a bunch of stories people heard about on the mass media, New Jersey Homeland Security officials have put “White supremacist extremists” at the highest threat level possible.

The National Socialist Underground killed eight Turks, a Greek and a policewoman between 2000 and 2007.

An aged care facility that is home to Holocausters has been defaced with swastikas by a National Socialist organisation.

One of the leading political blogs in the U.S. has reported that another pro-White group has followed the example of the American Nazi Party.

European intelligence services have for years been increasing surveillance of "ultra-right groups which are seen as a growing threat" and "capable of carrying out attacks similar to those that left 50 dead at two mosques in New Zealand," AFP reports.

A Los Angeles youth hockey team has been suspended over a video posted to social media last month which showed one of its players doing a National Socialist salute while others made "anti-Semitic remarks".

A French court fined and gave a suspended prison sentence to a man who disseminated a picture of a "quasi-Nazi" salute being performed at a Jewish school.

One of the world's most-wanted alleged "Nazi war criminals" has died aged 93 in Canada.

A former Miss Hitler pageant entrant and her partner have been jailed in the UK for belonging to the patriotic group National Action.

Although the Gauteng legislature has recognised Kleinfontein, a white Afrikaner-only settlement outside Pretoria, as a cultural community, the City of Tshwane won’t declare it a separate development.

A German court has decided not to try a 97-year-old former SS guard, on the grounds of ill-health.

“…And is written of doom the State
unless before the Sun rises
the sky makes the miracle and in the immature of the night
long-suffering sends his thunder…”

I. Gryparis – From the poem “Estiades”

A new type of anti-immigration protest is sweeping across Germany, as thousands take to the streets against the growing Islamisation of the country.

An apparent online leak of materials from influential National Socialist website Iron March has the potential for zionist authorities to identify hundreds of nationalists around the world.

The Canadian military has told a reservist accused of having connections to a "neo-Nazi group" that he is being relieved of his duties.

Bloomingdale resident Jeffrey Raphael Clark, who has previously described himself as a National Socialist, will be released from custody after pleading guilty to a federal gun charge and receiving a sentence of time served in court.

In September of last year, the Zionist social media page Facebook engaged in electoral meddling by arbitrarily banning the large accounts of radical nationalist parties Forza Nuova and CasaPound.

Debunking myth that the swing to Golden Dawn is due to exclusively to the economic crisis, researchers at Athens Panteion University show that young voters agree with "racist-supremicist" position of the white nationalist party.

Tommy Robinson was finally released from a British jail. He was imprisoned under bogus contempt charges because he dared to conduct a live stream report where court proceedings for some Paki child rapists was being held.

There were 2,219 attacks upon invader centers in Germany during 2017, an average of six per day, figures released by the Interior Ministry have claimed.

German police are investigating a British woman for suspected incitement after she questioned the Holocaust during a patriotic protest in the eastern city of Dresden.

The number of "violence-prone" national socialists in Germany rose to over 10,000, according to a ZOG report.

Arthur Jones, America’s only openly pro-white Congressional candidate, received 56,944 votes in the heavily Democratic 3rd Congressional District of Illinois during last week’s midterm elections - horrifying the establishment, and highlighting how many votes stable pro-white candidates across the country might have won had there been such an organization in place.

Via Volokh Conspiracy, a disturbing criminal case out of Montana, where Flathead County resident David Lenio, 28, is being prosecuted for making disparaging remarks about Jews on Twitter and denying that the Holocaust happened. 

Ukraine's secret service is claiming to have stopped a National Socialist cell during its investigation into the distribution of the Christchurch shooters' manifesto.

PayPal censored an account used to raise funds by one of the US's largest white nationalist groups six days after it was first flagged by an anti-white campaigner.

"Far-right arsonists" are believed to have caused fires which damaged 3 buildings earmarked for non-white invaders near Nuremberg in southern Germany.

Several interior ministers of various German states are demanding a ban on the patriotic Combat 18 group.

As the birthplace of Western culture and thought, it’s particularly sad to see the city of Athens torn apart by the forces of Islamification.

A Fort Bliss soldier is being investigated by U.S. Army officials over "suspected ties to a neo-Nazi terrorist organization".

Six people were convicted of having "fascist sympathies and found guilty of racial and ethnic hatred" in Rome, after targeting leading politicians and the head of the jews of Rome with "offensive graffiti". 

Posters and flyers for a group linked to a new White nationalist group have appeared in Shreveport's downtown area in Louisiana.

On page 7 of the Gorey Guardian, a print and online newspaper for the town of Gorey in Ireland, they have ran an article about how the Guardian’s own office had White Genocide posters stuck to the door during the March 21st “March Against White Genocide”. 

Neo-Nazirallies and PR activities in Sweden, including putting up stickers, have rocketed by 20 percent in the last 3 years, reaching record heights, despite a decline in the number of far-right organizations, the anti-racist Expo Foundation says. 

A German National Socialist accused of erecting a headstone in a French field to honour a SS panzer division has been charged with "glorifying crimes against humanity", French prosecutors said.

A zionist MP is to ask the government to consider banning Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf amid fears that it is "inspiring a new generation of anti-semitism in the UK and abroad".

In Greece, the Golden Dawn Party has been denied radio air time by the state broadcaster. This with elections right around the corner.

Former members of the Waffen-SS are attending meetings of nationalist patriots in order to hold talks about their wartime experiences, according to a new intelligence report.

A patriotic German politician who has a concentration camp tattooed on his back could be imprisoned.

Famous American European rights activist Dr. David Duke will run for office - in either Louisiana’s 1st congressional district, or in a statewide senate race.

The Marines are investigating an infantryman based at Camp Pendleton for potential violations of the Pentagon's policy against "extremism", according to a Marine Corps spokesman.

An electronic road sign displayed an National Socialist message early morning on a highway on the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona.

A young couple of UK, West Yorkshire, held hands in the dock as they appeared in court charged with being members of banned National Socialist group National Action.

WTF is up with the Australian news media? Looks like they also deal in fake news.

Last week on the Veteran’s Day parade in Albany, Oregon, residents found flyers against White Genocide placed on their car windshields.

Carmen Bretin Lindemann was a mayoral candidate in the Argentinian village of Garupa until she defended her father-in-law.

A "Nazi-themed" cafe in Indonesia that closed after sparking jewish outrage reopened with its walls still bearing swastikas and a painting of Adolf Hitler.

A 71-year-old doctor from Austria has been sentenced to one year’s house arrest for "Holocaust denial".

The training the U.S. provided to the Azov Battalion is coming back to roost in the U.S. as the National Socialist group is training and radicalizing U.S.-based groups with similar ideologies steeped in white pride and a belief in white nationalism.

Amid Jewish-Liberal concern over growing "right-wing terrorism", hundreds of suspects belonging to patriotic groups across Germany are wanted on criminal arrest warrants, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) reported.

Police are appealing for witnesses after orange swastika symbols were spray painted on the outside of the club.

Apparently most anti-Jewish incidents in Germany are not from muslim immigrants but are actually from German nationalists.

Ten alleged members of the American Front were arrested in central Florida. 

The Nationalist movement has collided with the hipster subculture in Germany to form a group of youths wearing beards, trendy tote bags, and bandanas stitched with NS slogans.

Only having been up for number of hours, the billboard company in Birmingham, Alabama started receiving death threats both at their home and office. 

Hundreds of people from Iran and around the globe submitted entries for the Islamic Republic's Second International Holocaust Cartoon Contest.

"839 artworks have also been sent to the secretariat, 686 of them have been sent to the cartoon section and 153 more are related to caricature section," Secretary Masud Shojaei-Tabatabaii told the Fars News Agency, marking the 2nd time since 2006 that the country has held the contest.

Footage shown below of a major rally held by the Nordic Resistance Movement in Sweden. Check out those flags. Epic stuff.

The patriotic Solders of Odin are standing up to protect native Finns in the face of the Islamic invasion currently threatening Europe’s existence.

When imprisoned white nationalist legend Matt Hale sued the federal Bureau of Prisons over restrictions on his mail, he sought nearly $10 million in damages.

Donald Trump has warned that the antifascist movement Antifa could be labelled as a terrorist organisation.

Nearly 1,000 police officers raided clubhouses and apartments of known national socialists in western Germany after a ban was placed on three NS groups in the country’s most populous state.

Instability in Libya and Syria is encouraging fear of a non-white mass invasion into Europe. And that's fuel for the patriotic movement.

In recent months, a street movement called Pegida—Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident—has emerged from nowhere in Germany.

Facebook and Instagram have closed the official accounts of the Italian fascist party CasaPound and the profiles of dozens of patriotic activists.

Ernst Zundel, a German-born publisher, author and civil rights activist, has been a major figure in the worldwide Holocaust revisionist movement.

A Bavarian town failed to distance themselves from Hitler in a vote last week.

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Bourgas has overturned a decision by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in the Bulgarian Black Sea city not to open pre-trial proceedings in connection with stickers depicting Hitler and swastikas found in April on judicial buildings.

"I just kind of put two and two together with Martin Luther King Day, Gasthof's, hanging banners, full-on SS uniforms, and then they have even the National Socialist swastika t-shirts and little pendants with the same logo that's on the t-shirt," says a scared guest who requested anonymity.

Four serving members of the british Army have been arrested under anti-terror laws on suspicion of being members of banned patriotic National Socialist group National Action.

A Virginia state judge on Monday sentenced James Alex Fields Jr to a second life prison term for killing an antifascist woman when he drove his car into a crowd protesting against White Nationalists in Charlottesville two years ago.

Black South African “Equality Court” judge Phineas Mojapelo has ruled that the further “gratuitous” public display of the old South African flag constitutes “hate speech” in that country, and that anyone saying that displaying it will be prosecuted - even if it is inside their own private house.

A Melbourne golf club that was founded by Jews has been targeted by graffiti on its greens.

German prosecutors say they've searched the home of a man suspected in a French investigation of a monument to a Waffen-SS division in France.

The South Carolina-based New Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan announced a fundraising effort for the white police officer who gunned down a black thug in Ferguson, Missouri.

Golden Dawners were handing out flyers in English and French to tourists and other people explaining the terrible situation in Greece today, when fully armed police officers grabbed them handcuffed them and they are now being held at the police station. 

Weeks after a local politician died in what authorities described as an "execution," the German interior minister said "far-right extremists" were spreading across the country, and warned that they as dangerous as Islamist groups, writes.

A former priest involved in Poland’s nationalist movement has been indicted on "hate speech" and "holocaust denial" charges.

The Baraboo School District will not pursue any legal or punitive action against the group of current and former students who performed the National Socialist salute in a prom photo last year, saying that the students are protected by the First Amendment.

The greek national socialists invaded a ship and tried to punish a Pakistani immigrant charged in the beating and sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl on this Greek island when he was transferred to Piraeus.

The Trump administration launched a major escalation of the war on white identity and civil liberties by declaring a so-called “white supremacist group” a terrorist organization for the first time in United States history.

Has there ever been a stranger life trajectory than that of Holocaust revisionist David Cole? 

Nikos Michaloliakos and other Golden Dawn leaders will soon stand trial at the Athens maximum-security prison where they are currently incarcerated.

Sky News Australia has admitted it was “wrong” to broadcast an interview with a nationalist activist who has previously expressed sympathies for Adolf Hitler.


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