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Social media is aflame after it emerged that John Earle Sullivan, a Utah-based Black Lives Matter organizer, was one of the people who entered the Capitol building with Trump-supporters on Wednesday. 

Internal files of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) and the FBI recently leaked to Yahoo News reveal a nefarious scheme to utilize Satanism in dissident groups as a means to demoralize activists, splinter groups, and cause individuals to "disengage."

Nosey Jewish groups and yarmulke-wearing politicians are demanding the NYPD take action after looking into a Brooklyn man's apartment and spotting a Swastika banner hanging from his wall. 

A German national socialist assassin was sentenced to life in prison for attempting to storm a synagogue and killing two people in the eastern German city of Halle 2019.

The Tyr rune has been declared a legal symbol, and the Nordic Resistance Movement’s freedom of assembly, expression and association will not be restricted, according to a Swedish court of appeal.

Aplethora of National Socialist memorabilia has been found alongside hundreds of guns and portraits of Adolf Hitler after police raided a warehouse in Spain.

National Justice recently had the opportunity to interview the American Defense Skinheads (ADS), a group of musicians based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who are keeping the spirit of white rock alive.

Following a summer of violence that inflicted billions of dollars in property damage and led to 25 deaths, the FBI has finally come up with a response for one of the worst intelligence failures in history.

Alt-tech powerhouse Bitchute has grown exponentially, going from a humble volunteer project to a rising Youtube competitor.

Sports and physical exercise have always been a part of nationalist movements, but during recent years the efforts of German nationalists in this field have been professionalized and broadened.

This brief article is just to clarify — to the best of my knowledge — the status of the heroic Ursula Haverbeck.

Alleged "far-right extremists" planned to set up an armed militia in the southern German state of Bavaria, Austrian investigators say. The weapons seized included Kalashnikovs and Uzis.

Two white nationalist men have been convicted for "terrorist offences", after they allegedly planned a series of "racially-motivated attacks" as part of the South African Crusaders group.

Residents in a Westminster, Colorado neighborhood woke up Sunday morning to find White Nationalist fliers had been left in their driveways during the night.

An aide of a Green Party lawmaker tweeted an image of the sacred symbol, found scratched into an elevator door in a Bundestag office building.

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