Antifascists from Austria, Croatia, Italy and Slovenia staged a protest rally in Bleiburg, Austria, asking the Austrian government to ban what they described as a gathering of "Ustashas and fascists" in the Loibach field near that town in the southern region of Carinthia.

A jury sentenced a White National Socialist to life in prison Thursday for his murder conviction in the 2009 killing of a race-mixer white woman during a dispute with her negroid boyfriend at a Phoenix park.

Police have arrested dozens of nationalists Friday after they interrupted a May Day demonstration and injured several people in the German city of Weimar.

Veronica Bouchard, 19, who lives in Toronto, is currently undergoing investigation by the authorities for her love for Adolf Hitler.

A German court threw out an appeal by a British bishop convicted in a high-profile case for "denying key facts about the Holocaust".

New invaders are being turned away from a city in Germany, amid fears over rising violence between migrants and nationalists.

The jury in the trial of four people alleged to have been members of the banned "neo-Nazi terrorist group" National Action has been discharged after failing to reach verdicts.

A mum had her baby taken off her just an hour after giving birth – because of her boyfriend’s links to the NS group Combat 18.

The trial of two serving British soldiers and another man has heard three weeks of evidence.

Two members of the National Socialist Movement and an unaffiliated associate did Kentucky a huge favor by ridding them of a scumbag heroin dealer.

The NPD is the only true nationalist party in Germany. Since they stand in the way of Angela Merkel’s attempt to genocide the German people through her engineered invasion, she is seeking to ban them.

Six of the men are from the North West of England, including one man who has been produced from prison, while two are from the South Wales area, two are from the West Yorkshire area and one is from the Wiltshire area.

Miss Hitler beauty pageant entrant Alice Cutter and her ex-fiance Mark Jones have been convicted of being members of British National Socialist group National Action.

A zionist MP is to ask the government to consider banning Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf amid fears that it is "inspiring a new generation of anti-semitism in the UK and abroad".

Two young white men have been charged by police with making threats or conveying false information concerning acts of terrorism after they threatened to shoot up the XS nightclub at Encore Las Vegas on the Strip.

The French civic-nationalist and anti-Zionist intellectual Alain Soral was sentenced to two years prison last week for sharing a rap video entitled “Gilets-Jaunes.”

Austrian nationalist politician Martin Sellner is trying to go to the United States and marry his girlfriend, the far-right YouTube celebrity Brittany Pettibone.

The National Socialist National Action group set to be banned in the UK has been described by the Home Secretary as "racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic".

A German fireworks manufacturer has been plunged in "controversy" after a customer alleged he found a swastika on the packaging of one of its products.


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