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If you thought former national socialist activist Bill White was getting out of prison, think again.

The Greek racial nationalist Golden Dawn Party has set up an office in New York City in a bid to bolster its support among expatriate Greek communities, Greek media is reporting.

The white nationalist National Democratic Party (NPD) had wanted to post newsletters in the former East German state of Saxony, where it has elected members, which Deutsche Post had objected to as "potentially racist".

Gov. Steve Beshear has issued a statement saying he doesn't agree with a nationalsocialists that hold a rally on the Kentucky Capitol steps but he respects the rights given the group under the U.S. Constitution.

Nearly 1,000 police officers raided clubhouses and apartments of known national socialists in western Germany after a ban was placed on three NS groups in the country’s most populous state.

A group of 26 German alleged national socialists went on trial under tight security.

The greek national socialists invaded a ship and tried to punish a Pakistani immigrant charged in the beating and sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl on this Greek island when he was transferred to Piraeus.

Jeff Schoep, Commander of the National Socialist Movement is pleased to announce that White Pride America has decided to merge with the National Socialist Movement.

One of the leading political blogs in the U.S. has reported that another pro-White group has followed the example of the American Nazi Party.

On April 14th in Norfolk, Va. There was a violent mob attack in which two WAVT TV 10 reporters were violently beaten in the street by a mob of Black youths.

John Taylor Bowles, the official lobbyist for the American Nazi Party, gave a seminar on national socialism to students at a high school in Ohio for the fourth year in a row, and by all accounts, it was well-received.


The segment on the National Socialist Movement (NSM) aired on the CBS program 60 Minutes and it actually focused more on the late Southwestern States leader Jeff Hall than on anyone else, although Jeff Schoep was interviewed.

Ten alleged members of the American Front were arrested in central Florida. 

On May 2nd, 2012, Jason Todd Ready is among five people who were shot and killed at a home located in Gilbert, Arizona. 

Two White civil rights activists in Minnesota have been indicted by the federal government on weapons and drug charges, and are accused of hatching a plan to attack the government, minorities.

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