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by Astrid Alva Ryan, MA, PhD

One of the enduring modern myths among not only establishment Jewry, but also the largely Zionist “dissident right” who masquerade as White advocates as their day job, and other racial lapdogs, is the ideology that Ashkenazi Jews are intellectually superior to the rest of the human race, including those I unashamedly called Aryans.

All racial difference are either genetic (hereditary, inborn) or cultural (acquired from society after birth).

Introduction by Hadding Scott: Do you remember, maybe when you were in high school, that Blacks do some really exaggerated breathing when lifting weights?

The Philistine people - who gave their name to the land called Palestine - and who were the ancient Jews’ greatest enemy, as recorded in the bible - were of European origin, groundbreaking DNA studies have shown.

An analysis of ancient DNA has revealed that Ancient Minoans and Mycenaens were genetically similar with both peoples descending from early Neolithic farmers. 

The Great Replacement is the reduction of whites to a minority in what were once their neighborhoods, cities, states, or countries. It’s happening around the world, but many journalists think we shouldn’t talk about it.

One of the largest ever US population genetic study has revealed that European Americans have remained “shockingly European to an incredibly high degree” despite decades of racemixing propaganda.

White babies aged just nine-months-old show signs of racial bias, according to a study in facial recognition.

If we fail in our spiritual and genetic mission to preserve our unique heritage, we risk going down the same road as the ancient civilizations of Egypt, India, and many others.

Jews are a mixed race, but all Jews, Ashkenazi or Sephardic, have very significant commonalities with each other and with other Middle Eastern Semites such as Arabs.

Mass non-white immigration, explosive immigrant birth rates, and declining white reproduction will have ethnically cleansed white people in Britain into minority status within the next 50 years, new statistics have confirmed.

It’s a city time forgot; it’s a history lesson that we purposefully skip over; it’s yet another reminder that “Manifest Destruction” (the Great Migration of Blacks from South) was the most devastating event in American history.

Based on a 96 page report on the causes of premature death by the CDC, the leading cause of death among young blacks of both sexes are black males.

In this article found 100 facts, the vast majority of which can be easily verified in any set of encyclopedias, almanacs, psychology text, and other reference materials commonly found in any public library.

Every so often the story of a serial killer and their horrid crimes break the news. In typical media fashion they cast their light on the case, whilst they ignore other similar crimes around the country.

A new study provides more proof that racism is a natural instinct that we are all born with.

The clear link between race and crime has been highlighted once again with the release of the 2016 rankings of the world’s most dangerous cities — and the fact that every single one of them, including those in the U.S. — have majority nonwhite populations.

A study conducted in Australia observed about 1,000 people in public places (sports settings, shopping centers, libraries).

The measured IQ of “Western” nations is dropping dramatically as the percentage of whites becomes smaller, new statistics have shown.

The “new” finding by U.S. scientists has therefore provided proof of what the Nazis knew in 1933: that criminal behavior is largely a genetic, hereditary issue.

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