If we fail in our spiritual and genetic mission to preserve our unique heritage, we risk going down the same road as the ancient civilizations of Egypt, India, and many others.

These cultures, founded and raised to the heights of glory through the ingenuity and brilliance of the White Race, eventually succumbed to the perilous sin of miscegenation that stunted and destroyed all that had been built.

 The Kalash people, a small group of tribesmen numbering perhaps only a few thousand, can be rightfully described as being among the last pure-blooded groups of true Aryans left within the massive confines of the Asian continent. Their biological ancestors once held sway over millions of square miles of territory, and established the memory of their existence in the numerous ruins dotted throughout the region.

However, while they drifted into the teeming brown masses, these distant racial brethren of ours managed to live on, mainly due to their geographical isolation and strict customs in the realm of blood purity. Hunted and viciously persecuted by Muslim savages in recent times, the Kalash are now teetering on the edge of extinction, but still refuse to bow to the pressures of a decadent world that wishes their demise.

Any yet the Jews and Cultural Marxists tell us that the stories of Aryan conquest and ingenuity are not true. This is a child from the Afghan-Pakistan border area, not Sweden or Germany.

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A Brief Description Of Kalash Culture

The language and customs of this isolated people has boggled the minds of linguistic and religious scholars since time immemorial. Their mother tongue has been described as an isolated throwback to ancient Indo-European, and has grammatical similarities to traditional Sanskrit and Persian, with their common everyday speech resembling the dialect of the Rig Veda hymns of over three thousand years ago. Literacy is extremely high when compared to the levels of Pakistan at large, with men and women allowed to study equally and together.

In matters of spirituality, while some have sadly converted to the pro-miscegenation faith of Islam, these souls are usually cast out and ostracized from their home villages to prevent cultural contamination. An ancient form of polytheistic Hinduism holds sway over the rest of the population, with altars of eternal flame and open-air rituals to gods such as Indra and Shiva. And, what is even more perplexing, one of the key festivals of the Kalash focuses upon the death and rebirth of a “shepherd god,” seen as a savior figure among the People. A European researcher who lived among the Kalash remarked that their creation myths resemble those of the Ancient Greeks or Germanic tribes, more than those of their neighbors.

A typical Kalash dwelling for the tribal elders in the process of being refurbished. Compared to the mud huts and fetid squalor of their neighbors, these homes often have a simple bathing room within to promote health and cleanliness.

The Beauty of the Aryan Woman Must Never Perish from the Earth

We should take the almost superhuman ability of the Kalash People to survive as a racially pure population as motivation to do the same ourselves. While the distant ancestors of this dwindling Aryan tribe collapsed under the temptation to mate with the dark races, these brave few remained true to their laws and customs, and for dozens of centuries secured the existence of another generation.

If we fail in our mission to cleanse our Western Culture of the Jew and his subversive methods of decay, we too may end up a hunted and shrinking minority amid a sea of coffee-colored barbarity. Like the Kalash territory in Northern Pakistan today, the Europe, Australia, and America of the end of this century may consist of a few islands of Aryan beauty surrounded by the hordes of the steamy southern climes. The choice is ours to make.


The continued presence of such a historically significant People proves that the 14 Words can be fulfilled indefinitely. Let us hope the Jews don’t stumble into the land these children inhabit.

Marcus Cicero
Daily Stormer




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